5 Christmas Tree Decorating Theme Ideas

I usually just decorate the Christmas tree with most of the ornaments I own, which isn’t very many yet. I think it would be fun to decorate with a theme this year, though. I’m definitely not at a loss for ideas–there are plenty of Christmas tree decorating theme ideas to go around. The problem lies in choosing just one. Here are five of my favorite themes to consider.

Family Scrapbook

Try decorating the Christmas tree with family photos and memorabilia. Find your favorite photos from the past years and make photocopies of them. Cut them to size and make your own frames by decorating pre-made wood frames, cardboard or card stock. Decorate them any way you like. You can even use household items as photo frames by pasting pictures to them; for example, paint a wooden toy block, cut a photo to size and paste it to one of the sides. For the lighter frames, use hot glue to attach string. You can also use screw eye hangers for heavier items, like the wooden blocks.

Patriotic American

Show your American pride with a patriotic Christmas tree theme. String white lights around the tree and hang flag ornaments, stars and anything reminiscent of the red, white and blue. Start shopping for ornaments after Independence Day to get the best deals. Even if you can’t find ornaments, look for items that can be adapted to hang from the tree. Top off the entire thing with a glowing star.

White Wonderland

Bring the fluffy white stuff inside by decorating your Christmas tree with a winter wonderland theme–especially if you live in a region that doesn’t get snow for the holidays. Start out by stringing white lights around the branches. Don’t skimp on the lights! Then use fake snow–or cotton–to achieve the look of snow on its branches. Decorate with mini snowmen and ice skater ornaments, or anything that reminds you of the white outdoors. Top the tree with an angel; although, a star will do if that’s all you have.

Presents on the Tree

Do the little ones tend to destroy the presents before Christmas arrives? Save the real gifts for Christmas morning, and decorate with presents on the tree instead. Simply wrap small boxes in pretty wrapping paper (don’t forget the ribbon!) and hang them from the branches using shiny pieces of ribbon and small hooks, such as screw eye hooks. But first, wrap the branches in lots of colorful strings of lights and garland. Hang some red mini stockings from the tree, as well. Top the tree with a large bow.

Tropical Christmas

This broad theme could be broken down into many different sub-themes: beach, Hawaiian, rain forest, nautical, sea life, vacation themes and so on. For a beach theme, decorate with seashells and strands of white pearls. For a Hawaiian theme Christmas tree, turn exotic flowers into ornaments. You might even combine two or more of these themes, or you might choose to combine memorabilia relating to the holidays with tropical elements. Your options are limitless.

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