5 Dating Don’ts Every College Freshmen Girl Should Know

College is a great time to meet and date a wide variety of people. The first year of college is vital for meeting a group of solid friends and discovering all kinds of different men that suddenly have an interest in you. However, as a guy involved on my campus in many activities including a fraternity, I have seen everything from one night stand tricks to the edgy pickup artist. Follow these tips to make the most out of college dating and to avoid the wrong type of guy.

Don’t have a one-night stand right away

You go to a party with a group of your friends and your looking to meet someone, but perhaps not just for the night. A decent looking guy approaches with a swagger that makes you feel like you’re the only girl in the room. He compliments you and has a confidence about him that makes you wonder how many times he has done this before. Chances are you are not the first and he is just looking for a one-night stand. Guys that are good pickup artists in college always compliment the girl they are after and make her feel like she’s the only one he’s interested in. Make him wait and insist on seeing him again, but do not go back with him after the party. If he is truly interested, he will wait until you are ready before attempting sex.

Don’t go out with more than three friends

I’ve never had a problem talking to girls at a college party or a social setting. However, I’ve always felt intimidated by girls that go out with a bunch of friends. We have to win your friends over in order to win you over. When you go out with overly critical friends or too many friends it makes it difficult to get to know you. Give yourself time to talk to someone if he makes a move on you without your friends joining the conversation. However, keep your friends close by if you need someone to bail you out of a situation with a guy you don’t like. There are many creepy guys in college, don’t get stuck alone with one.

Don’t be promiscuous

When you enter your freshmen year you will be pleased to learn that a lot of guys will suddenly take an interest in you. While you might want to please everyone you have a crush on, you will regret it as you leave college. Guys talk to each other about their hookups and girlfriends. Chances are if you are promiscuous, the guy you really want to date will know and will avoid a relationship.

Don’t play hard to get with someone you want to make a move

I will admit that guys are stupid. While you might think we have all the moves and can read your body language, chances are unless you are blatantly obvious, we do not know what you want. Guys move slow when they truly like someone because we don’t want to scare you off. Make the first move if you want something more. We won’t turn you down and will be relieved that you made the first move.

Don’t seclude yourself

In college, the girls that complain that they cannot meet any good guys are the ones that seclude themselves to their room or to one social group. Join as many clubs, social organizations and interest groups that you can. Be friendly and make friends. Your new friends will have a new set of eligible guys to introduce you to without you having to make the awkward first move. Social connections can help you find the right guy without having to settle.

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