5 Premiere Features of the New Pogoplug Mobile Streaming Device

In the modern tech world, storing data is out and streaming and using the cloud is in. If you’re looking for an inexpensive device that’ll allow you to stream your favorite content on the go, you should check out the Pogoplug Mobile streaming device.

Stream All of your Media Anywhere

If you use multiple mobile devices (e.g. smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.), and are tired of synching all of your gadgets to take advance of all your favorite media, the Pogoplug Mobile streaming device is exactly what you have been waiting for. Pogoplug Mobile accepts media from USB and SD card input and broadcasts your media so that it can be displayed on your many mobile devices, regardless of where you are.

No Storage Limitations

Not only is storing all of your data across multiple gadgets tedious, it’s also very inefficient. Regardless of the storage limitations of your mobile device, the Pogoplug Mobile streaming device will allow you to take advantage of more media by not taking up a single byte on your device while making an endless amount of data available to you.

Automatic Backup

In addition to freeing up your mobile device’s storage space and making your media available anywhere on the go, Pogoplug Mobile also packs another very nifty trick up its sleeve; automatic backup. If you’re worried about losing that precious and sensitive information stored on your many mobile devices, Pogoplug Mobile will come in handy by offering automatic back up of your mobile devices.

It Works Across Multiple Platforms

One of the greatest features of the Pogoplug Mobile streaming device is how versatile it is and its ability to work across many platforms. Pogoplug Mobile is compatible with mobile devices like the Apple iPhone, iPad, Android devices, popular web browsers, and operating systems such as Windows and Mac platforms. With the Pogoplug Mobile’s widespread compatibility, it is easily accessible on virtually any device.


With the ability to work with multiple devices, promising automatic backup, and adding an unlimited amount of media to your favorite mobile devices, you’d expect the Pogoplug Mobile to cost an arm and a leg, but it comes at a very reasonable asking price. Pogoplug Mobile can be nabbed for the low price of $79.99 and is more than worth its asking price.

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