5 Reasons Why We Are Wild About Harry Potter

I love to read. I also love to watch movies. I fell in love with both the Harry Potter movies and books. I admit that I didn’t start reading about Harry and his friends at Hogwarts right away. A friend told me that I should read the fist three books. Therefore, I read them all in about one week. Then, I ordered The Goblet of Fire. I loved it. Now, I have all seven books in my book collection. I also love all of the Harry Potter movies. Therefore, I began thinking about why people of all ages love Harry Potter. Here are five reasons why we are wild about Harry Potter.

1. People love magic. Many people are fascinated by magic. Harry Potter is magical. I have wondered what it would be like to have magic powers. We all need a little magic in our lives.

2. The books appeal to adults and kids. The books are entertaining. They also hold our interest from beginning to end. I loved all of the spells that the wizards learned at Hogwarts. I also loved the huge wizards tournament in The Goblet of Fire. The books make people want to read. In other words, reading has become popular because of Harry Potter.

3. The movies are great too. The Harry Potter movies are one of the most successful movie franchaises in history. They have won many awards. They were honored at last year’s BAFTA ceremony. In addition, the movies are all over two hours long; however, time seems to fly when watching these movies. This is because they have adventure, romance, and magic in them. People often go to the movies to escape reality for a bit. The Harry Potter movies perfect for moviegoers who want a break from reality.

4. Harry Potter is a modern day Wizard of Oz. The Harry Potter books and movies remind me of The Wizard of Oz. Wizard of Oz has the Emerald City. Harry Potter has Hogwarts. The Wizard of Oz has Dorothy and her three friends. Harry Potter has Harry and his two friends. Both of these stories have magic and fantasy. in addition, both Harry Potter and The Wizard of Oz are for kids and adults. Moreover, there are moral lessons in both of these fantasy stories.

5. Harry Potter will become a classic. The Harry Potter books and movies will be read by many generations of people. Harry Potter books and movies will be read and seen many times. There could be more Harry Potter books and movies. Hogwarts and Harry Potter will live in minds and hearts forever.

Movies and books are great. I fell in love with both the Harry Potter books and movies. This is because they are magical. They also have adventure and romance. The books and movies provide us with an escape from reality. We all need an escape from reality. Let’s hear it for Harry Potter. We are wild about Harry Potter.

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