5 Star Hotels in Tel Aviv

The hotels in Tel Aviv are some of the best in the world. Located close to the Mediterranean Sea, these hotels offer sea facing rooms as well as easy access to the sea for the guests. The best thing about these hotels is that most of these hotels are 5 star hotels and can be found in close proximity to one another.

Almost all the five star hotels in Tel Aviv can be found at the Tel Aviv, shore promenade. Following is a list of the most popular luxury 5 star hotels in Tel Aviv:

Carlton Tel Aviv Hotel: If it is intimate luxury you are looking for, then the Carlton Tel Aviv is just the right place for you. You can book your accommodation in this hotel but then you have to opt for a minimum of three nights stay. In that way staying at this hotel can be pretty expensive since it will cost you anywhere from $913 to $2012 for a three-night stay.
Renaissance: The Renaissance Tel Aviv Hotel belongs to the Marriott group of hotels. This would be the perfect hotel for staying if you are looking forward to some great offers. The nightly room rates vary from $300 to $830 and are inclusive of buffet breakfasts. For tourists wanting to make their holidays a memorable one, the best thing to do is to opt for the packages offered by the hotel. Hilton Tel Aviv Hotel: The Hilton can easily be called the most expensive of all the Tel Aviv hotels. The nightly rates at this hotel start from $430 and may reach up to $2750 (these are the best available rates). Tourists travelling with their families can opt for the Family Plan in order to get good deals from the hotel.
Herods Tel Aviv: As the name suggests, this hotel is named after King Herods the Great. This hotel is part of Leonardo Hotels chain. This is one of those 5 star hotels that are comparatively cheaper as compared to the other hotels. The nightly rates at this hotel start from $275 and may reach up to $475 depending upon the choice of accommodation and services opted for. Leonardo City Tower Hotel: This is the second hotel of the Leonardo Hotels chain and may easily be called as the cheapest of all the five star hotels in Tel Aviv. This is because of the fact that the nightly rates at this hotel start from $185 and may reach up to $305. Isrotel Tower: This luxury hotel is one of the few five star hotels that feature only suites. Isrotel offers great value for money since the nightly rates of the suites start from $566 and may reach up to $830. The rates are applicable for a minimum stay of two nights. Guests can enjoy facilities like access to the lounge, refrigerator, mini bar and kitchenette by opting for suites accommodation. Dan Panorama Tel Aviv: As the name suggests, the Dan Panorama belongs to the Dan Group of hotels. The nightly room rates start from $300 and may reach up to $400 but if you want to opt for the suites or the executive rooms, you would have to contact the hotel personally.

All the Best Tel Aviv hotels offer plush beddings, private balcony, complimentary facilities, microwave, bath robes, bath amenities, fitness and swimming facilities. Those who opt for the packages or suite accommodation will be entitled to various amenities. So start making arrangements for booking your hotel today itself.

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