5 Steps to a 5-Star Meal in One Hour

The inevitable question of “what’s for dinner” doesn’t have to be so mind-boggling! Find a simple meal and enhance it by adding a scrumptious side such as rice pilaf or garlic mashed potatoes. Use leftovers. A large batch of mashed potatoes will add on to a basic meal. Create new flavors by adding lone ingredients such as salad dressing or spices. Think ahead and make solid portions. When going through the process of making a meal, always make it worthwhile.

Step 1

Decide on your main ingredient (i.e. chicken). Think ahead. Allow time for it to defrost if needed. Research what to do with your main ingredient (i.e chicken tenders, stir fry, tacos). Gather all ingredients and tools and lay them out (i.e. measuring cup, garlic press, can opener).

Step 2

Prep the chicken or main ingredient. Coat in breadcrumbs (after thawed) or alternative means of preparation. Put it in the oven, set the timer and relax. Minutes are ticking but you have plenty of time to create some great sides!

Step 3
Think of accompanying side dishes (i.e. mashed potatoes). Peel potatoes, and cut into quarters. Boil until tender enough for mashing. Begin vegetable preparation. Grab a bag of frozen vegetables from the fridge. Add them along with some cheese into a small pot. Set on burner but wait to turn on as they require only mere minutes to cook. Understand cook times for all dishes and cook accordingly!

Step 4
Set the table while waiting on the chicken. Pair your meal up with a bottle of wine for a special occasion, or a glass of fruit punch for the family-friendly version of this recipe. Plan dessert. Pull out the cookie sheet and drop some cookie batter by the spoonful!

Step 5
Mood music or candles can eliminate a stressful work-zone! Remember, the key to a great meal in one hour or less is productivity. Ensure that while one dish is cooking you’re working on the next. Timeliness and perfection will result! Check your chicken and stick it with a meat thermometer for doneness. Voila! you will say as your five-star meal makes it way to your kitchen table.

The key to a great 5-star meal is efficiency and preparation. Think simplicity when creating your meal. Add on exciting toppings or dressings to create originality. Revel in the perfection you’ve created!

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