5 Tips for Finding a Good Grocery Store

The savings I receive at Kroger is a plus for me.

1. Online shopping

This is something that I look for in a grocery store. I like to have the option in the event that I might want to shop online. Shopping online has become quite popular over the years. I like that you can go online and download coupon deals to your Kroger card. In addition, Kroger sends out extra coupons by mail to valued customers. I have received free bacon coupons, free Advil, and $1.50 for best-customer appreciation. These are just a few of the savings that I have received.

2. Double Coupons

Stores that allow double coupons are great too, because then you can take advantage of double savings.

3. Meats

Meats are very important. I like the fact that Meijer carries organic meats, and meats that have no hormones in them. It costs a little more, but is well worth the price. Great Giants, G5204 N. Saginaw St., Flint, Michigan, is great for meats only. I say that because though the meats and their prices are good, their other items including canned goods can be quite expensive.

4. Discounts

You want a grocery store that gives discounts. Therefore, it is important to know the regular prices in order to be able to compare.

Depending on what it is that you are buying, not all stores may carry that same produce. For example, I love calf liver as opposed to beef or pork liver. Calf liver is just so tender. I have yet to find calf liver at Kroger, but I can always depend on Meijer store to have it.

Great Giants, is also great for purchasing greens. They usually have nice large bundles inexpensively sometimes from .89 to .99 a pound. Occasionally they will have very large bags of greens for just $1.29. That large bag will have about 10 or 11 bunches in it. That is ideal for a large family or for you if you just want to freeze greens.

5. Cleanliness

Have you been in a store that had a viscous foul smell? That might be a sign of spoiled food. I always check when I am grocery shopping whether the store is visibly clean. Is there dust on the shelves? Are the trash cans full? Although some stores may see many visitors daily, if the glass doors are filthy with fingerprints that causes me to wonder about the cleanliness of their other food products.


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