7 Cent Robbery [Photos] of Teenager Charged with 4 Years

7 cent robbery – Two New York teens have been charged with first degree robbery after robbing a 73 year old man who only had 7 cents on him. In court one of the teenagers part of the 7 cent robbery, Skyler Ninham, 16, ended up pleading guilty and was sentenced to 1 year in prison (Syracuse.com). The other teen, Anthony Stewart, 15, ended up fighting his side of the case and plead not guilty. And the judge made him pay for it. Judge William Walsh said he was harder on Anthony Stewart because, “The teen didn’t plead guilty to the crime which he reportedly implicated himself in during an earlier police confession.of the 7 cent robbery”. Plus both his friend Skyler Ninham and the victim identified him. During sentencing the judge told the teen,”If you admitted like a man, then I would have sentenced you exactly as I did Mr. Ninham, but you still denied committing a crime, despite a mountain of evidence.”

See photos of Anthony Stewart here and here.

During the 7 cent robbery both teens punched and kicked the 73 year old man breaking his glasses. The victim said both teens had weapons on them but later on in court Stewart said they were BB guns. Skyler Ninham will do 1 year in prison and Anthony will do 2-6 years in juvenile detention and end up with a permanent felony on his record.


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