8 Amazing Game Apps for Android and iPhone Smartphones

When you’re a gamer you want every screen filled with action and every speaker blaring sound effects. You want to solve puzzles, rack up achievements and test your skills. These amazing game apps from the the iPhone market and Android market have sucked away tons of my productivity. You’ll love them too.

The 7th Guest (iPhone)
This remake of the immersive, compelling PC mystery game lets you play the part of one of the six guests invited to a scary mansion. You must solve puzzles and find clues to uncover the mystery of the 7th guest.

X-Construction (Android)
Build a bridge using just a few girders. Success brings a train across a canyon. Failure brings the screams of passengers falling to their doom. Trust me – you’ll hear a lot of screams before you get it right.

Dragon, Fly! (Android) and Tiny Wings (iPhone)
These apps are side-scrollers featuring adorable animals with (obviously) tiny wings. Your avatar swoops down hills and uses momentum to sail into the air. You must reach the zone’s end before time runs out.

Word Feud (Android) and Words With Friends (iPhone)
These variations on the Scrabble let you play against friends or random opponents on your mobile device. The leisurely pace provides a great casual game experience. I love that they recognize odd words like “qat” and “xi”.

Angry Birds (both)
Evil pigs have stolen the Angry Birds’ eggs. They hide from avian vengeance in fortresses of wood and stone. The birds use a slingshot to fling themselves at the walls to knock them down and take out the pigs.

Plants vs. Zombies (both)
This tower-defense game pits your garden of plants against waves of lumbering undead. It’s goofy yet requires deep strategy. Players plant a defensive garden and manage the defense during and between levels.

Cut the Rope (both)
Your hungry pet monster, Om Nom, needs candy. He can only eat if you solve the puzzles keeping the candy away. Use your fingertip to sever ropes in the proper places and at the right times to make the candy fall into Om Nom’s mouth.

Fruit Ninja (both)
This finger-swiping game shows fruit being launched into the air. As the Fruit Ninja you must slice them all before they fall to the ground. Bonus points are awarded for getting large numbers of fruit in a single swipe and for impressive combos.

Your inner gamer will enjoy the horsepower of your smartphone on a whole new level with these apps.

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