911 a Day Etched in My Mind Forever – the World Trade Center

911 Is A Day Etched In My Mind Forever

America…the beautiful,

Standing proud and tall, a solid foundation,
never to crumble and to fall.
The World Trade Center’s skyline…
that Tuesday morn, sun shines over their magnificent forms.
A new day waiting…a new life to be born.
People bustle in the streets,
unaware the tragedy they’re about to meet.

No one aware…
terrorist are embarking planes…
to destroy America…bring Her down in shame.
The first plane hits…a tornado sucks in its prey,
destroys victims and everything in its way…
A second plane…
slams into another tower,
a mighty propelled missile’s…explosive power.

A third plane is on its way…
Washington, D.C., bound to attack the Pentagon,
to burn it down…to weaken our Military Defense,
a storm tries to wipe out a city with only sounds
America, America, She won’t fall down,
She’s up…fighting…standing tall…proud.

The News Media reports, “A fourth plane is down,”
somewhere in a Pennsylvania town.
A passenger on the plane…
got the news out…they’re going to rush the terrorist…
deter their moves…it’s headed in a path of destruction;
maybe, the White House, Camp David, the Capitol , the Pentagon…
no one knows for certain.

We’ve heard, “The President,” is a target too,
fear not dear President…we’re standing by you.
Terrorist might storm our shores to destroy strong cities…
built by American’s hands…search paths of this great land…
they’ll not defeat us…”no” matter how hard they try,
Americans are willing to fight…to die.

Terrorist brought ruins…loss of lives to our Homeland;
we’ll work together to rebuild…hand in hand.
We’re a Nation…who will not be brought down…
y a bunch of terrorist who came into our towns.
We mourn the loss of American lives…
Pray God to grant us strength in our time of strife.

America, America, won’t be brought down;
She’s up; She’s fighting; She’s strong and stands proud.

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