95 Really Cool Things About Tim Tebow

I have to admit that I didn’t believe on faith alone; I had to see the miracles. Now, I am officially a believer of what Tim Tebow can do for the Denver Broncos and am most certainly in the Tim Tebow fan club. In honor of the amazing 95 yard charge he led against the New York Jets on November 17, 2011, here is a compilation of 95 really cool things about Tim Tebow.

95. GB2 – God Bless + Go Broncos

94. “When you do things different than other people sometimes do them, and you don’t settle for just being average, you open yourself up [for criticism]. But I’m ready for it. I’ve learned to live with it. I never just wanted to do things the same way everybody else does.” – Tim Tebow, 2010 about his critics.

93. Tebow leads Broncos to amazing fourth quarter comeback against Miami on October 23,2011. Tebow brings the Broncos into OT with his post touchdown, extra point run through Miami’s defense to score a two-point conversion. Broncos would win 18-15 in OT.

92. “I’ve never seen anyone like him” – John Elway, 2011.

91. As a high school quarterback, Tim scored 71 touchdowns.

90. “Tebowing”.

89. Great Tebowing picture.

88. Nearly 750,000 people “like” his website on Facebook.

87. Had a bounty on his head during the Gator Hurricane game in 2008.

86. He just laughed about the bounty.

85. He once finished a high school football game playing on a broken leg.

84. Led Broncos to a 38-24 defeat over the Raiders that shocked everyone on November 6, 2011.

83. James E. Sullivan Award in 2007 (best amateur athlete award in any sport).

82. 2007 Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award® Winner.

81. Check out tebowing.com

80. Super Bowl XLIV ad.

79. “I like rooting for someone who has legitimate “haters,” all of whom despise him for completely irrational reasons.” – DJ Gallo on being a Tebowist.

78. During his senior year, high school state title game, Tebow successfully begged his coach to let him play nose tackle on a late fourth-down play.

77. Threw for one touchdown and ran for another as backup quarterback for the Florida Gators during the 2006 BCS National Championship Game.

76.”… I’m his biggest fan.” – John Fox, 2011 about Tim Tebow.

75. “…football isn’t the most important thing in the world. There are things more important every day…” – Tim Tebow, 2007.

74. Superman wears Tim Tebow pajamas

73. 890 SAT score.

72. Tebow’s father, Bob, confirms that basketball games involving Tim and his two brothers typically devolve into wrestling matches.

71. Top Five Tebow Eye Black Versus

70. He regularly spoke at schools while playing for the Gators.

69. Tim’s “Big” brother (Peter)s 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 60 pounds less than Tim.

68. Still, Peter Tebow, a 170-pound linebacker, was the defensive most valuable player of Trinity Christian Academy’s state championship team his senior year. Winning must run in the family!

67. Lead the Gators to a 24-14 win over Oklahoma during the 2008 BCS National Championship Game.

66. Tim is the youngest of five kids.

65. He won’t leave the practice field without signing autographs for anyone who asks.

64. Tim’s mom, Pam Tebow, is working on a book about parenting, addressing issues she has always cared about, though rarely talked about outside the family.

63. While being home schooled, Tim wrote a paper about why athletes need more protein. He won a science fair on the project.

62. He’s #15. That was always my number WAY back in my younger sports days!

61. Tim Tebow’s oldest brother, Robby, is sometimes confused for being Tim.

60. Tebow assisted his father’s orphanage and did missionary work in the Philippines during his last three summers before starting college.

59. Tim’s sister, Christy Allen, lives in Southeast Asia and does missionary work with her husband and two children.

58. Tim’s other sister Katie Shepard, lives with her husband in Atlanta.

57. Tebow delivered his message of faith at a prison in Florida.

56. Tim got into the September 18, 2011 game against the Bengals…as a wide receiver!

55. 2007 Maxwell Award winner (nation’s top football player)

54. 2008 Maxwell Award winner

53. Governor of Florida pleads with Jacksonville Jaguars to draft Tebow.

52. Marco Rubio agrees with Governor about needing to draft Tebow (only thing the two rivals have in common.)

51. Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida.

50. “Based on statistics, I was terrible. But based on the decisions I made, I was pleased with my performance.” – John Elway, 1983 (Deja Vu?)

49. Rushed for at least one touchdown and thrown for a touchdown in 13 consecutive games while at Florida.

48. Given the Disney Sports Spirit Award in 2008 for being the most inspirational player, team, or figure.

47. Broke a school record at Florida in 2007 when he scored a rushing touchdown in ten consecutive games.

46. “I enjoy believing in the goodness of someone simply because so many others believe he is too good to be true.” – DJ Gallo on being a Tebowist.

45. Tim’s brother, Peter, graduated from Florida in 2008 with an engineering degree.

44. A Family, Youth and Community Sciences major at Florida.

43. 60% owned in Yahoo’s Fantasy Football League as of November 19, 2011.

42. “He’s just a competitive dude. He’s super competitive. He never lays his sword down. He’s going to fight you to death, and that’s just his nature. He’s a great young man.” – John Fox, 2011.

41. Tim’s brother, Robby, runs the Tim Tebow Foundation.

40. Finished the 2010 Sugar Bowl with 533 total yards — more than anyone in Bowl Championship Series history.

39. Tim Tebow is amongst the top-five vote getters in the AFC for the 2011 Pro Bowl.

38. Broncos wins GMC Moment of the Week Award for their come from behind win over Miami on October 23, 2011. The comeback was led by Tim Tebow.

37. Gets great kudos from former Colts coach, Tony Dungy.

36. Tim Tebow’s 56-yard touchdown pass to Eric Decker in the fourth quarter of Denver’s 17-10 win over Kansas City on November 13, 2011 has been voted the GMC Never Say Never Moment of the Week.

35. First round NFL pick in 2010.

34. “I believe that sometimes the best way to choose a quarterback is not by making an informed decision based on weeks of performance in practice, but by heeding the advice of a billboard alongside Interstate 25.”- DJ Gallo on being a converted Tebowist.

33. According to Yahoo Fantasy Football, Tebow has the second most Quarterback rushing yards in the NFL as of November 19, 2011. He has 388 yards.

32. Impressive interview speaker. During an interview with Dave Logan I don’t think I heard him say uh once, he used complete sentences, and correct English.

31. When Dave Logan asked how he handles the tough media criticism a few days after his tough loss to the Detroit Lions, Tebow simply laughs and responds, “I just don’t listen to ESPN.”

30. Amazing 26-yard throw to Eddie Royal!

29. His biography, “Through My Eyes”, which he co-wrote, debuted at No. 6 on the New York Time’s Hardcover Non-Fiction bestseller list.

28. Tim Tebow’s Denver Bronco jersey was the number one selling NFL jersey in the second quarter of 2010.

27. “…We thought he was going to carry it. He did. He didn’t disappoint us. But he ran for a touchdown. The kid’s a competitor and makes big plays with the game on the line.” – Rex Ryan, 2011.

26. Timmy’s Playrooms in Children’s Hospitals

25. Ranked second among league quarterbacks with his six rushing touchdowns in 2010 and posted the most rushing yards (199) by a quarterback in his first three career starts since the 1970 NFL merger.

24. “I am intrigued by someone who, in an age of technology and communication, decided to communicate his beliefs via eye black.” – DJ Gallo on being a Tebowist.

23. Joined Fran Tarkenton (Min., 1961) as the only two players in NFL history to run and pass for a touchdown in four games during their rookie season.

22. Philippians 4:8-9 (Another one of the cool “black eye” Tim Tebow messages).

21. Posted 43 rushes for 227 yards (5.3 avg.) with six touchdowns as a rookie and recorded two of the top three single-game rushing performances by a quarterback in franchise history.

20. Received the 2008 Quaqua Protégé Award as an outstanding home-education graduate.

19. “I believe Tim Tebow has whatever “it” is, and that the definition of “it” is “what Tim Tebow has.” – DJ Gallo on being a Tebowist.

18. The Broncos have a great chance to make the 2011 playoffs due to their winning record since Tebow took the helm.

17. W15H

16. “I like winning, but I wish it wasn’t quite that stressful.” – Tim Tebow, 2011.

15. Graduated college with a 3.66 GPA.

14. Recorded the third-most passing yards by a Broncos rookie (308) vs. Houston (12/26/10) and earned his first win as an NFL starter while joining Frank Tripucka (twice) as the only quarterbacks in team history to lead Denver to victory after a 17-point halftime deficit.

13. TTF provides financial support to orphanages in the Phillipines.

12. He’s still single ladies!

11. Lead all NFL rookies with a 82.1 quarterback rating.

10. “First and foremost I just want to thank my lord and savior, Jesus Christ, and thank my teammates for believing in me and believing in each other for 60 minutes…” Another humble moment by Tim!

9. iTebow

8. First college underclassman to win the Heisman Trophy.

7. His mom chose life when faced with the risk of her own life.

6. The Tim Tebow Foundation.

5. In the 2009 BCS Championship Game, he wore John 3:16 on his eye paint, and as a result, 92 million people searched “John 3:16″ on Google during or shortly after the game.

4. TTF and CURE to build a Children’s Hospital in the Phillipines.

3. Tim was homeschooled. Gives me further reassurance that my homeschooled boys can also be great.

2.“…God bless.” I love how he finishes all of his interviews with this.

1. 95 yard drive to score a touchdown with less than six minutes left to go in the game. Broncos win 17-13.

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