A Few of My Favorite Charities

Charity is important. Some people cannot give money away without giving up things like eating and paying rent and so on. I can understand that. But a lot of people have more. They have enough and more than enough. I know I do.

Those people OUGHT to give to charity. As Muhammad Ali said “It’s my way of paying rent on Earth”.

But which charities? There are LOTS of good causes. Hundreds, even thousands, of good charities. I’m working on my list of charities to give to, but I think I’ve got most of it. And it’s below the fold

Union of Concerned Scientists – I’m a geek. Science is mandatory. These guys are making science comprehensible to legislators. They’re educating people, they’re fighting for transparency, they are helping scientists communicate.

Drug Policy Alliance- because drug policy in this country is (in technical terms) ABSOLUTELY F***ING NUTS. And because they support “alternatives to the drug war that are grounded in science, compassion, health and human rights”. The drug war is JUST PLAIN STUPID. Science, compassion, health and human rights are JUST PLAIN GOOD.

Mother Jones – Smart fearless journalism. And it gets my vote for best magazine in America.

Planned Parenthood (various states, for now, Kansas and Missouri) – because parenthood should be planned. And Kansas and Missouri especially because cases there are headed up the road, and because it is a state where we can win.

Math Circle – because I just love math, and these people do it better than anyone I’ve ever seen. Because they teach The Joy of Participatory Learning

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