A Honolulu Dog Park Filled with Past Memories of My Beagle Dog

The Humane Society Dog Park provides one-third acre for dogs to roam next to the Hawaiian Humane Society in the middle of Honolulu, Hawaii. This dog park resides near the H-1 freeway and off of Waialae Avenue about two miles from the famous Waikiki beach. The back parking lot of the Humane Society provides ample vehicle parking space.

My beagle dog, Mana, usually failed to enjoy dog parks due to past severe injuries by other dogs, but few dogs roamed the Humane Society Dog Park and Mana loved to sniff the edges of the park. His beagle nose led the way to circle the park and even explore the area by the waterfall. His white tipped tail remained pointed toward the sky and waved happily as his sniffing nose moved along like a vacuum cleaner covering the grassy area of the park near the redwood fence.

The honey brown and white beagle would occasionally meander back to the bench for a loving pat on the back, a lick on my face and then off he would go for some more sniffing. The lush green foliage and trees provided a refreshing atmosphere to sit and contemplate as the dog wandered the verdant park.

Pet memorial plaques line the entry way of the dog park. Devoted pet owners dedicate the plaques in the names of their beloved pets. The park affords an aura of peacefulness and solitude. My pet only visited the park three times during the adoption of another dog for his companion. The placement of the dog park adjacent to the Humane Society provides a suitable place to wait when acquiring a pet and for anytime to give your pet the freedom to exercise and run. This park offers the most luxuriant setting compared to the other dog parks in Honolulu due to the memorial plaques, waterfall and the abundant flourishing greenery.

The Humane Society Dog Park in Honolulu provides an invigorating environment for both the dog and his master. The park is really a paradise within the paradise of Hawaii.

Mana, my beagle passed away one year ago in 2011 at the age of 17 years and the Humane Society cremated the remains. Memories of my beagle running in the park arise whenever I drive near the Humane Society Dog Park. I like to think his spirit still frolics in this park with the dense foliage and trees.

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