A Poem to Narcissus

I once dated you…

Well many times just in different forms

You saw your reflection in me and fell in love with yourself.

I made you bigger that the universe, better that myself.

I once loved you…

Well I just thought those were the norms

You saw my dependence and turned into a supplier

I negotiated the amount of care and attention

I would get, because it was “better” than nothing, so I thought.

I once idealized you…

Well my desperate heart only knew how to conform

You saw my feelings and locked them in a shelf

I sabotaged my autonomy and crumbled in despair

And like a thief who steals during day light,

You used my feelings and started to conspire.

I once killed you…

Well you got closer to the reflection in my heart,

You saw how great I made you and tried to snatch yourself

I moved away and you drowned in your pride, because you were just

The illusion of making you bigger than the universe and better than myself.

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