A Sinners Lament

May God have mercy on my sins

Whoever disobeys God never wins

I am now in a lonely place

From me God has hid his face

My sins cover me like a flood

I am grateful for the redeeming blood

Far in the wilderness I do roam

As I long for the Father to call me home

I am in a perpetual hell

as i wallow in my self made cell

God you have forgiven what I have done

I am covered with the blood of your son

Father please do not turn from me

Father please hear my mournful plea

You had given to me a great light

But now it does not burn so bright

I have hidden that light under a basket

I hope that I find it before I lay in a casket

God please take me by the hand

And lead me to your promised land

I know your grace I do not deserve

On me your mighty wrath you should serve

God I did not hear your plea

As you said my son listen to me

Now I wander the wilderness alone

Knowing for my sins I can never atone

But when I have run my last race

I will be saved only by your amazing grace

Father thank you for sending your son

So that I would not have to die for what I have done

Without that sacrifice for me it would not be well

For I know full well my soul would surely wind up in hell

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