A Valentine for Mrs. Craft

Dear Mrs. Craft,

How do I begin? How should I begin? Do I tell our story? Do I mention my crush on you in high school when I was freshman in Spanish class? Do I speak about what life was like before you? Should I rave about the improvement that you have made in our lives? Should I talk about the importance of a respectable, strong, positive, female role model for our ladies that you provide? Should we discuss how one could define admiration? At what point in what words can a person express a value that could never be measured? How could I quantify change based on the improvement of our quality of life? Do I compare previous experience to current? There is no comparison. Shall I count my blessings? Do I measure happiness on a scale and if so by what parameters and on what terms?

Years? Months? Weeks? Days? Hours? Minutes? Seconds? Time spent away from you is indeed time wasted, but happiness can be found in that time also because it makes me happy to miss you when you are not close by. How can that be measured? How can I reciprocate the joy that is the gift of you?

For this holiday do I send flowers? Do I make dinner? Do I shower you with gift after gift? By what means can a person express the significance and importance of a person to that person to demonstrate this fact and garner the most understanding?

Giving the most of my effort and the best of my ability, still I do not know how. I am left incapable and in a persistent and constant state of awe because of you. I try to imagine the words I would use or how I would fumble them vocally and no matter their eloquence they would fail to explain and ultimately do the perfection that is you a disservice.

What marks this specific day any different than others? Do we designate this particular day alone in which we tell a person how special they are? What makes this day more than any other suitable to state our appreciation? One day a year?

I refuse. I can’t. I don’t need a day ordained a holiday to recognize your importance. I can’t simply celebrate you for a day. I celebrate you every moment of every day. Each day that I have you is a holiday. Each day that I wake up beside you is a special day. Each day knowing that I have you to come home to is a day that gives me reason to smile. Each day knowing that our ladies are being taken care of and being nurtured to develop to their fullest potential is cause to celebrate. I celebrate all that you are. I praise all that you do and every day is a reminder of how blessed we are as a family to have you. In what manner is it proper to make this known or should I simply state this one time a year?

Alas, forgive me, but I cannot. Valentine’s day is just a day. It is not unlike any other day that we live together in the sense that as long as we are fortunate to have you in our lives, it is a very special day. For this I thank you with all that I have. I thank you with what is most important to me. I thank you for being the person that you are. I thank you by striving to be the best I can for you. I thank you for allowing me to share the I love you’s and changing them into we love you’s. Today is just a day, but everyday with you is one that is special.

We love you.

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