A Word from My Doggie…

This is Rascal-Marie, sharing a life lesson that I recently learned.

Last week I got to spend a few days with one of my favorite people. It was my human aunt Jackie. If you are unaware, we doggies are very comfy with our daily routines. I, myself, enjoy spending my time of running around, begging for treats, putting on clothes, going for walks, begging for more treats, barking at the television, riding in my car seat, trying to remember to tee tee on the paper, playing games, playing with my tail, and did I say begging for treats.

Well Aunt Jackie had a very different plan of events. At first, this change made me really unhappy, confused and scared. I am accustomed to getting up, running around in the back yard, tee teeing in at least two or three of my favorite spots and annoying my big, little brother Midnight. I’m used to long walks on certain routes, sniffing for my friends at their favorite spots and barking at the big dogs – if their behind fences. Yet because I was with my aunt Jackie none of this happened.

Aunt Jackie let me sleep for a long time and she forgot to put on one of my walking shirts. Then besides me being naked, we walked along new and different routes that I had never seen or smelled before. But instead of barking loudly and resisting her, I decided to be a little more open to this new experience.

To my surprise, I had a grrr… great time! Aunt Jackie had great games for us to play, tasty new treats for me to try and even gave me some new toys. We played together for hours, rolled around on her bed and she let me ride in the basket of her bike. I even didn’t miss my clothes. I found that I enjoyed the new games, the different walks and getting to see and smell new things.

All of this made me so happy and enriched my super yorkie life. If I didn’t open myself up to new experiences, I would have missed out on a lot of learning and fun. So when you are facing something new and unfamiliar, don’t be afraid. Remember, every difficult moment in life is accompanied by an opportunity for personal growth and creativity.

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