Acer E101 BeTouch Smartphone: Relatively Low Price and High Technology for You!

Acer E101 beTouch allow you to enjoy Internet Mobile, a good way to stay connected with family and friends, a very useful application that tells you who is online. Discover what they are doing and tells them what you want, chat with Windows Live Messenger, wherever you are! With one touch puou beTouch u see what’s new on Facebook, check your favorite blogs and watch the videos of your favorite songs!

The new smartphone beTouch Acer E101 is an excellent quad band able to take advantage of the GSM frequencies 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz, also thanks to the transmission technologies GSM / EDGE, is guaranteed to all users a level of maximum worldwide coverage. In this way you can always make any kind of operation you want without unpleasant interruptions due to failure or lack of field. The operating system is Windows Mobile 6.5. Also note that the display is a widescreen 3.2-inch touchscreen QWVGA. Each image will be clear and visible.

With regard to connectivity, we can immediately notice that the new Acer smartphone E101 offers the most popular technologies on the market. In fact we can immediately notice a USB port for PC sync cable for example, transfers to or from your computer to ensure the transfer of any type to a good speed safely, and there is also wireless technology Bluetooth 2.0 EDR, allows transfers at a good speed and good distance of any type of file, but only between two devices that both have this technology.

Acer E101 smartphone also features a unique built-in 2 megapixel camera with a single point of recovery, adjustable digital zoom to enlarge even distant subjects and make them as clear as possible. Also you can make small changes to the photo, such as brightness or other settings to beautify and make the most of your every shot. Also remember that all your photograph will then be sent on your computer to be able to see better without losing quality and sharpness of the photograph. And ‘course, and can record high-quality reproductions of VideoPlayback!

MP3 Player
Finally, the new Acer smartphone E101 is also an integrated MP3 player, with whom you can always listen to any time of day all your favorite music. In fact, thanks to the internal memory of 256/512 MB, expandable with microSD cards will be able to contain a truly countless number of songs and files like photos or video. Finally, there is also an integrated FM radio with which you can listen and follow all your favorite radio stations.

As mentioned previously, we remind all our readers that the new Acer E101 is also equipped with GPS navigation function. In fact, in a few seconds, your phone will be perfectly able to detect your position anywhere on the globe you are, and will be able to guide you step by step toward any goal. Function can be used either on foot, by car, or running. Also during your journey this instrument will also be able to provide guidance and information utlissime, such as gas stations, metro stations and more. In this way you can integrate into a single object this function, saving money and space!
At a bargain price, a product design very nice, modern and elegant, equipped with a large number of features of good quality! Rating: 9 +.

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