ACME Markets Introduce Locally-made, Green Alternative to Firewood

Philadelphia, PA – Shoppers at ACME Markets will soon have a cleaner, greener alternative to burning firewood in fall campfires and backyard fire pits. By Labor Day weekend most ACME stores will be offering Wood Brick Fuel, a premium alternative firewood product developed by U.S. Recycled Wood Products, Inc., in Leola, Pennsylvania.

“Our company is committed to the efficient utilization of America’s renewable natural resources,” says Ed Druffner, President of U.S. Recycled Wood Products. “As our best example of that commitment, Wood Brick Fuel is one of the most environmentally friendly products of its kind on the market today.”

Wood Brick Fuel is made by recycling the clean, dry waste wood collected from dozens of local manufacturers. Without the use of wax, glue, or accelerants, the material is ground and compressed into a 2-pound brick that can then be used as a cleaner, longer lasting and hotter burning replacement for firewood.

Since its inception, U.S. Recycled Wood Products, Inc. has recycled over 11 million pounds of waste wood material from southeastern PA and NJ; material that would have otherwise been burned in open pits or deposited in landfills, adding to air, water and soil pollution.

Using Wood Brick Fuel also helps to minimize the spread of damaging, wood-boring insects such as the Emerald Ash Borer and the Asian Long Horn Beetle. “The product uses previously kiln dried wood material to kill any insects or larvae, and is safe for interstate transport and for use at state and national parks,” Druffner says, adding that his product is also good for the economy.

A 12-brick, 24-pound neatly-wrapped package of Wood Brick Fuel is retail priced at $6.99 and provides about 3.5 hours of evenly-burning fire in an open pit, or between 6 and 12 hours in a draft-controlled wood stove. Burn times depend on the venue and configuration of the bricks.

For these reasons, ACME has chosen to add Wood Brick Fuel to its line of quality, locally manufactured products. “ACME is proud to support local, environmentally responsible manufacturers and products,” says Sales Manager Nick Sborlini, ACME Center Store Non Foods. “Our customers are loyal and expect good value with the best possible prices and our local manufacturers are the best option not just to meet, but to exceed those expectations.”

ACME Markets, Inc. opened its first store in 1891. Now part of the Supervalu network, the company operates 116 stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. To find an ACME location near you, go online to or call their customer service line, toll-free, at (877) 932-7948. For more information about Wood Brick Fuel, visit the U.S. Recycled Wood Products, Inc., website,, or contact Ed Druffner by calling (717) 656-7417.

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