Acura is Back, and the TL Will Prove It

Test driving cars can be a thrill, especially when you are a 24-year-old car enthusiast. Yesterday was no different, I test drove the 2012 Acura TL with All-Wheel Drive with Technology Package. It has a powerful 3.7 liter engine, packing 305 horsepower, and a 6 speed transmission. This smooth ride and quick pick up make it a fun and comfortable drive.

I love that feeling when you hit the accelerator and the car actually goes. I found that with many cars today, especially ones with turbo, that there is a lag or delay in the initial acceleration. The TL is a responsive drive and satisfies my hunger for that sport luxury car, which I would normally look at the BMW 3 series or C class Mercedes-Benz to find. Acura has also listened to many critics, who pushed for change after the total redesign in 2009. They have cleaned up lines, reduced the “Beak” grille, and gave it a more aesthetically pleasing look for 2012.

When I hit the road, I noticed that the 10 speaker sound system encased me in music, much like my home stereo system. I also enjoyed the quiet ride that drowned out the road noise but still allowed me to hear the engine as I raced off down the hill. The handling on the car was amazing as I aggressively took the turns to get a true feel for its capability. The All-Wheel Drive system helps by powering the outside rear wheel to counter balance under steering. The responsive braking system helped as I slowed down trying to avoid a speeding ticket, which I successfully did avoid, but allowed me to feel like I was in control at all times.

Acura is known for giving you more standard features than most in its class, and the TL is no exception. The standard Bluetooth system helps to keep my hands on the wheel and the heated seats help to warm up my seat in the cold Pennsylvania winters. The optional Technology model gives me the Navigation system and push button start, as well as, a convenient keyless access system and upgraded sound system. The Advance Package adds the Blind spot monitoring and ventilated seats. I have fallen in love with this car and I am sure you could too. You can find your nearest Acura Dealer at

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