ADHD and Intimacy

A person with ADHD has problems in terms of communication and insensitivity towards others feelings. To a partner with ADHD, it is a challenge in their relationship. We can’t deny the fact that being in a relationship, there is touch and intimacy involved. Take for example, hugging, kissing, and sex. There are number of relationships that were ruin due to lack of proper communication.

You have to be aware that patients with ADHD has difficulty in expressing themselves and tend to be embarrassed of the way they feel towards the touching and the intimacy you both share as couple. If this problem will not be given corresponding actions, it will result to a negative feeling and will somehow lead to separation.

As a couple, it is normal and expected for both of you to touch each other. The other partner would probably think that it’s okay to be intimate and touch the way he or she wants to be touched. However, you have to be aware that communication and respect is important especially if your partner has ADHD. Assuming and without proper consideration that was taken into this type of situation would probably cause damage in your relationship.

There are some ADHD patients that pretend that everything is fine and he or she enjoys the intimacy. The reason behind is the guilt felt and the shame regarding the matter of sensitivity. Some and most of the ADHD patients tends to fake the emotion that they show during the intimacy stage just to avoid conflict. However unless you tell your partner that there is something wrong, this problem will never be fixed.

What should you do? Stop pretending and just tell what you feel honestly about the intimacy and the touch you both are doing. Tell your partner what he or she must do to feel good and be satisfied. However, this must be talked in a manner making sure that each partner would not hurt the feelings of each other. It must be a constructive conversation wherein both partners can exchange conversation on what they honestly feel and would help each other to enjoy the intimacy both couple must experience.

They could probably say, “It would be better if you do it like this.” Or you could say, “I’m not comfortable of that act, can you do it in this manner?” The tone of your voice plays a vital role as well in delivering this suggestion. A high tone voice can possibly be misunderstood by your partner. So better say it in a low tone voice with love. With this method, the couple or your ADHD partner will enjoy the intimacy experience. Again, there must be proper way of communication, and there must be respect, patience, and understanding of one’s needs and wants.

An ADHD couple or partner can always do something to make their intimacy with each other a pleasurable and satisfying one.

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