Adrienne Maloof Discusses Catfight Between Brandi Glanville and Richards Sisters

Adrienne Maloof introduced Brandi Glanville to the other Beverly Hills housewives and like Lisa VanderPump, is the voice of reason amongst them. Now that the Game Night episode has been broadcast the Sacramento Kings owner has shared her own thoughts about the fight that broke out between Brandi Glanville and the Richards sisters. On her Bravo blog, Maloof was diplomatic and did not make harsh judgments.

Maloof was not at Dana Wilkey’s home during the event that resulted in nasty name calling between Kim and Kyle Richards and Glanville. She only heard about the incident after the party in a phone call from Glanville. Later on, Maloof heard Kyle Richards give her version of events at the home of fellow Beverly Hills housewife VanderPump.

Maloof wrote on her BRAVO blog: Having not been there, I was told what had gone on, but hearing it and seeing it are two different things. I know it was a genuinely difficult evening for everyone involved – and I can’t imagine how hard it is for both Kim and Brandi to see everything play out again on screen right now. I know that neither one is proud of how it went down, and I’m sure it’s something they both want to put behind them.

On the last episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Maloof also went for a walk with Kim Richards to clear the air and listen in a non-judgmental way. Her intention in visiting and talking with Kim Richards appeared to be out of concern. Kim Richards has had a tough year and displayed worrisome behavior when she joined Maloof and her husband on a plane trip to Sacramento. Some rumors have persisted that Kim Richards may have a medical problem and it appears that Maloof had some cause for concern.

On her talk with Kim Richards, Maloof made the following comment on her BRAVO blog: “I was so glad to go over and spend some time with Kim and to lend an ear. I just figured that we could get some fresh air and catch up, and I could check in with her about how she was doing. I know that she’s been rebuilding her relationship with Kyle, and I’m so happy that they are both working on it.

The Caesars Palace owner also gave her perspective on how the Richards sisters behaved towards Glanville. While not endorsing the actions of Kim and Kyle Richards, Maloof stressed how protective family members can get towards one another. She concluded her blog with a statement on family bonds.

“One thing I’ve learned is that we are sometimes hardest on those we love the most, and I think that is what was happening between them. I don’t have a sister, but I have amazing brothers, and I’ll tell you this – it’s one thing for me to say something about one of them, but it’s another thing entirely for someone else to say something. That I don’t tolerate at all. Want to see me come out swinging? Talk about my family. Protective doesn’t even begin to describe it.”

Glanville also seems to share Maloof’s same notion of being protective of family. During the conflict with the Richards sisters, Glanville’s four year old son was insulted by Kyle Richards. As a result, Glanville became very angry and screamed back at the Richards sisters to leave her son alone.

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