Adventures in Sweets and Cross-Training

Last week wasn’t a great eating week for me. I still continued eat pretty healthy meals for the most part, but between meals I digressed quite a bit. Monday our neighbors came by with Girl Scout cookies and we were not going to turn them down. They are great neighbors, so we bought four boxes. Since I am at work more than I am at home, fortunately I haven’t taken too big of a calorie hit because of this.

Tuesday was Valentine’s Day, and our truly awesome office manager baked us the most adorable cupcakes. Of course I had to have one!

My husband took me out to dinner for Valentine’s Day, the meal was a fixed menu, and came with this dessert which was lovely. It was a French restaurant, so I’m sure our meal was full of all the rich, caloric goodness that makes French food good. Fortunately the portions were small.

Then on Wednesday, I had another cupcake. Damn. For breakfast!

Thursday, our partner’s daughter came in, and guess what? She was selling Girl Scout Cookies! I somehow managed to limit myself to two boxes and promptly opened one and put it in the office kitchen so other people (not me) would eat them. The other box is stashed away in one of my desk drawers.

So….about that cross-training. I have finally decided to sign back up at the CRC. I went this weekend and I realized how much I missed it! My boys went to Kids Club and had fun playing. I did 50 minutes of circuit training and ran over 2 miles on the treadmill. My body was not used to doing weights so I am a little sore still but I feel great. I figure I can workout there some Fridays when I work from home, and on the weekends when I am not running with Scrappy Mama. Also this week the kids are out of school, so instead of getting them ready and shuffling them out the door I can get up early and work out! OR, I can sleep in. We’ll see.

I have a couple weeks until I do the Montara Trail Run and want to be as strong as I can. There is no doubt I will finish it, and no doubt I will have a great time. I am really looking forward to it! This past weekend I took my family out to Harvey Bear Ranch Park so they can see where I have been training. The kids had a blast, and it was good to get my sore legs out and moving. I think Chip was somewhat shocked and impressed that I run out there. It was a great family activity and a wonderful, long weekend!

How have you been doing in the food department? Keeping it clean and lean? Hope your Presidents Week is going well! Stay fit and fabulous, friends!

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