I airballed on your love

Clear shot

Yet I still missed the basket

Alone in the spotlight

No hesitation

I never smelled defeat


The audience waiting to applaud

Gazing at the score board

If I would just make this shot

Let the ball soar

I’ve done this before

More silence

Maybe If I had

Held on a little longer

Placed my hands here

Instead of there

Taken it slower

Just a little bit slower

Or maybe

Suppose I dribbled

With more power

Listened to the rhythm

Of the Ball

Let it’s rhythm match my own

Before I started moving

I could have

We could have

But instead I stepped back

Blinked for a second

Out of my grasp it slipped

No rim

No backboard

No net


If I had just waited



Maybe I could have kept

The lead

Maybe I could

Have kept

The respect of my team


I could

Have kept

Your love

I lost the game

The championship is over

And I leave

Without a ring

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