Album Review: Michael Butler- “Music for Another Day”

Music for Another Day is the eighteen-track album from musician, composer and songwriter, Michael Butler.

Opening track “Now Voyager” is an acoustic and violin-filled song about self-discovery, while “Voice of a Hero” describes inner battles of bravery, surviving and returning to one’s homeland (or not).

“Pure Latina” is a drum-filled song with a salsa beat and a chorus that easily could be butchered in a rap song, but I’m glad Butler got to it first (hearing the real instruments is always a treat as well).

“Such a Woman” is a soft, romantic ballad with more Latin guitar, while “Throwing my Money Away” sounds like its title, echoing images of cowboy boots and rolling dice.

“Why Mim Stood Up,” a song about female mistreatment and independence, and “Justice Turns It’s Eyes,” a ballad about corrupt city streets, are my favorite tracks here, both with an alluring chorus.

Butler definitely can craft original songs and beautiful melodies with his guitar, fitting virtually any mood or setting. His lyrics are equally impressive, painting portraits of typical life-subjects like loss and love, but doing so in a style all his own.

I listened to this album with open ears, not knowing what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised with each and every song. His vocals are soothing but biting when necessary, and this album as a whole contains the most polished soft-rock and bare-boned folk music I’ve heard in a long time.

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