‘Alcatraz’ Fans Left with Questions After the Premiere

As previews of “Alcatraz ” filled the airways, would-be fans were on the edge of their seats waiting for the premiere. This show has so much promise, and fans were hoping they wouldn’t be let down by the final product. The premiere is now in the record books, and fans couldn’t be happier. It is all that it was made out to be. But fans still have some questions. These are some of the questions fan have about the show, and what we have learned so far.

Where have the Prisoners Been?

In the trailer for the show, fans learn that 302 people vanished from “Alcatraz” nearly 60 years ago. The question is; how do 302 people disappear from a maximum security prison without anyone knowing where they went? Fans suspected that there was some sort of government conspiracy at play, and they have been kept in a top-secret place for the last 60 years. These fans took note of what Emerson Hauser (Sam Neill), who is a government agent, said in the trailer. He tells Rebecca Madsen (Sarah Jones) that he has been waiting for the prisoners return for a very,very long time.

Fans didn’t learn who took the ’63s or where they have been, but we did get a hint that they may have never left “Alcatraz.” When Jack Sylvane (Jeffrey Pierce) was in the infirmary, prisoner #2002 tells him he is better off in the hole than in the place under the hole. Could this be where the prisoners have been all this time? We’ll have to wait and see.

Why are They Returning now?

There can be any number of reasons that the prisoners are returning now. Most fans think that they were taken by the government, and have now been released to complete a top-secret mission. But what sort of mission? No one knows.

We do know that someone is behind all of this, and they have a grand plan. These cold-blooded killers are being re-introduced into a world of unsuspecting civilians who are now their prey. They remember everything that made them who they are, they even remember all the awful things they experienced in “Alcatraz.” The only thing they don’t remember is where they have been, why they are back, or who they are “working for.” But someone is looking out for them. They have keys, tickets, money, and much more. All things someone else had to provide for them. Fans cannot wait to learn who is behind all this madness.

Is Jack Sylvane here to stay?

Since there are so many prisoners, it’s unlikely what each will remain on the show for any real length of time. Sylvane is the first of the ’63s that fans got to see. We now know why he went to prison, how he got to “Alcatraz,” and even about his personal life. Many fans think he is the key to unlocking this entire mystery. If this is the case he’s surely here to stay.

As with any good show, the premiere of “Alcatraz” left its fans with more questions than answers, but that’s what will keep them coming back for more. “Alcatraz” airs on FOX on Mondays at 9pm be sure to watch to see what we will learn about this mystery next week.

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