Aliens from Planet Orb Chapter One

The stone sphere sat on the lawn of the park close to a small lake. Gray and cold in appearance was the lake, cold and gray was the stone.

Terranian sat aboard his ship orbiting the small planet of Orb intent on the screen before him. There in the screen were seven blinking lights on the image. Each one represented an agent in a distant galaxy. It would be Terranian’s job to monitor their welfare and to relay any messages they would be sending on to the officials of the Orb Counsel. Even though they were light years away the steady pulse of the small lights showed that they were alive. Terranian sighed, “What is keeping the launch command? I’ve been ready for a zilance.” He turned towards his viewer to see what the delay was. It wasn’t normal for him to be impatient, patience was like his middle name, but for some reason he felt that he needed to be on his way.

Finally the signal was given for him to leave orbit and to begin his travel. With the flip of a switch and press on a pad the orbitron left its orbit and sped away towards the galaxy of Terramai where the agents were stationed. It was this assignment that had given him his title — Terranian. His real name was Nian but being commissioned to oversee the Terramai galaxy meant that he was now a Terra overseer. Only Terra overseers could travel to Terramai, that is unless you were an agent.

With the orbitron in motion Terranian could now relax. His destination was eight million light years away but the orbitron would cover the distance in only a few zilance. A zilance was the time it took for the planet of Orb to turn a quarter turn as it orbited the Ranunai sun. Which was about half a day. He would arrive to his destination in less than 30 Earth hours. Oh yes, Terranian knew all about Earth as its inhabitants called it. It was where three of his agents were stationed. His other four agents were on four other life supporting planets in the Terramai galaxy. Their planets were peaceful and could be observed by only one agent each. Earth on the other hand was a very violent planet and if Terranian had his way there would be a dozen or more agents there. It was the volatile state of Earth that gave Terramai cause to worry and the feeling of urgency. Since he was first given his assignment Terramai had seen the violence and cruelty escalate beyond belief. He would never understand how a people could destroy themselves in such a manner. The images from his last visit were lingering in his mind hauntingly.

Terranian looked his instrument panel over and seeing that all was in order he reclined his seat so he could get some rest. His assignment once he got to Earth would be very demanding. He needed to be rested. As he relaxed he studied his orders over in his mind. Visualized his plan of action and saw in his mind his success. Then he closed his eyes and fell into a light sleep. Ten hours latter he woke to the call tones of his communication orator. He spoke and the device responded with a verbal response. “Hey, why don’t you answer your ‘tor once in a while.” The voice was that of the agent Terrasian who was stationed on the planet Salimac in the Terramai galaxy. “Sian, you know you haven’t called before now. What’s up?” There was a brief silence and then Terranian heard the response, “Just want you to know Nian that I’ve got your back. If you have any trouble I can be there in an ance.” An ance is like ten minutes of Earth time and Terranian knew Sian meant what he was saying. “I will keep that in mind. Thanks for the offer.” The Terramai agent answered back with a “Think nothing of it.” and the orator fell silent. An unwanted shudder went thru the Terra overseer. He very well might need Terrasian’s help.

The remainder of his trip went by rapidly as the orbitron hurled thru space. The control panels all lit up as the craft entered the galaxy of Terramai. There was no need to slow its rate of speed until Earth’s solar system was reached, and then only upon the passing of Jupiter. Even then the speed would remain faster than light. This transaction occurred in less than an ance. In only a minance Terranian’s craft had come within Earth’s orbit. As solid as an orbitron was, and even with the advanced technology of Earth, the orbitron was not viewable by the inhabitants as it orbited the troubled planet. The orbitron, had it been seen, would have appeared to be a perfectly round sphere in orbit. No visible windows or doors. No wheels nor brackets, just a solid gray spherical mass the size of an Earthlings miniature car. Terranian touched the screen before him and the viewer came alive with images from the Earth’s surface. The scenes were most troubling — riots in this place and that. Explosions here and there, people harming people. So much anger and hate. Terranian wondered to himself, “what has gone wrong with the human race?”

After observing the vast amount of turmoil and unrest Terranian placed his hand upon the orator and spoke. Terralian, Terrazian, and Terradian this is Terranian, I have arrived and will be landing. At five ansel sharp we will meet in the Northern local of Belmorain. This will be the last time we use this location.” There was three voices in unison as one responding with, “Welcome back Terranian.”

The orbitron left its orbit and gracefully fell as though not a rock thru the Earth’s atmosphere only to suddenly float mere feet above the surface. Then as though as light as a feather it settled upon the green grass of a park. The stone sphere sat on the lawn of the park close to a small lake. Gray and cold in appearance was the lake, cold and gray was the stone.

(Watch for further writings to come from the science fiction story of “Aliens from the planet Orb.”)

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