All About Tonkinese Cats

All about Tonkinese Cats: Breed Description and FAQ:

Tonkinese cats are said to be a cross between the Burmese cat breed and the Siamese. There is much conflict among cat fanciers as to how this breed originated with some stating that it was in existence as early as the nineteenth century and others stating that is was the product of breeding during the 1930s. Some say that the breed was first established in Canada although the spelling of the name was slightly different. Regardless of where the Tonkinese breed came from, it is a delightfully fun, unique, and lively breed that is greatly enjoyed by owners.

Appearance of the Tonkinese: The Tonkinese looks similar to the Siamese. It comes in a variety of colors including dark brown, or seal; chocolate, which is a shade of brown; blue, which is actually a gray color; reddish brown; and a soft gray color referred to as lilac. The coat is short and fine yet silky and shiny. Tabby’s are now common among the Tonkinese breed. Some breeds have a very unique turquoise eye color. They are a medium sized cat yet quite muscular. The back legs are often longer then the front. Weights vary with males weighing up to twenty pounds. The average weight of a female is approximately ten pounds or more.

Personality Traits of the Tonkinese: Tonkinese are said to be very chatty cats that like to converse with their owners.They love to play and are very entertaining, yet they also love to curl up on their owners lap for a nice nap. They are said to make wonderful companions for the elderly and families with children. They even like dogs if they are introduced to them at a young age. They are very intelligent cats and can be taught to walk on a leash or play fetch. Tonkinese can make great pets for those that live in small spaces like an apartment as long as they are given plenty of attention and have a few toys at their disposal to prevent boredom. They have very good temperaments and love to be loved!

Health and Caring for a Tonkinese: This breed is known to have very few health problems. They can suffer from the same ailments as any other breed if not cared for properly but are stated to be one of the healthier breeds of cats.

Care of the Tonkinese is the same as for any cat. Proper food that is 100% nutritionally complete, fresh water, a clean litter box, grooming by brushing the coat periodically, and at least yearly trips to the vet for a check-up are a must for the Tonkinese breed. Who Should Own a Tonkinese? Any cat lover would be happy to have this lively, unique, and fun cat in their home. They are a low maintenance cat compared to the longer haired breeds. If given training, they can be taught to do tricks. They are good with children and other animals if introduced at an early age. All around, Tonkinese cats are the nearly perfect feline friend for any cat lover.



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