All I Want for Christmas Is

Driving down the road we were in awe of the snow falling, blanketing the ground like precious diamonds covering the earth. Nobody in the car could have known what was ahead of us, nor how one event could change the direction of each of our lives. We were about 5 miles from home when it happened. Out of no where something big darted out from the woods in front of us. My dad in reaction slammed on the breaks which sent us into a skid on the ice covered road, then we hit it.

Being shaken and in shock. My dad first started checking to make sure the rest of us were alright, we were. Then each of us slowly piled out of the truck, half afraid of what we might find. Yet all we found was a huge dent on the right front fender. Dad decided to get us home and to safety. He was already making plans the rest of the drive home to get the right equipment to search for what he hit. Dad said it has to be injured because of the size of the dent and he did hit it pretty hard. We made it home with no other incidents.

After gathering up search and rescue items, my dad was heading out the door when I insisted by asking if I could go. My reason being if it is an injured animal it could be dangerous, and what if it was a bear since it was really big? After my dad considered it for a moment, he relented and decided I could go. No one should go into the woods alone anyway, and especially after dark. So off we went to find what he hit.

Then we arrived at the place of the accident, and with flash lights in hand started looking for prints on the road and where the animal came out of the woods. I heard my name “Kelly!” As I turned around I saw my dad near a huge fur ball by the edge of the tree line. At that same time I also heard some yelps farther back into the pine trees. With my flash light in hand I headed into the tall evergreens following the huge paw prints toward the high pitched yelps, my dad being right behind me.

Coming upon a opening half covered by a couple of fallen pine trees and fresh snow, we could see reflections of eyes peering out from the opening. My dad always carried food on him when trekking through the forest and this time was no different, he had some beef jerky on him. We set the jerky out to try and lure the little pups outside the den. Oddly enough it worked. and out came four little hungry wolf pups. We weren’t exactly sure what to do with them, we figured they were about one and a half months old and they would not survive out here by themselves. We had no idea what happened to the rest of their pack, but these pups were all alone. So we took them, being Christmas time and all.

My family decided to set up a refuge center for injured, abandoned, or caught wolves. Starting with these four little pups that we ended up saving on the night before Christmas, and by accident killing their mom. Who could have ever imagined this would be the direction our lives would head. Changing the direction of each our lives. I didn’t know all I want for Christmas would be a home for animals in need.

Merry Christmas to you all.

1. A mountain stream, Photo by Karin Keller 2010
2. Mayaca running free, Photo by Karin Keller 2011
3. Mayaca rest wolf, Photo by Karin Keller 2011
4. Small wolf Pack, Photo by Karin Keller 2011
5. The Alphas, Photo by Holly Keller 2011

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