An Overheard Conversation About Electronic Cigarettes

” … Hey, you can’t smoke in here, oh, yeah, that is one of your electronic cigarettes, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I think it’s OK in here ‘cuz it doesn’t give off any smoke”

“Can you really stop smoking with that thing? I heard that is what they are for.”

“They don’t want to advertize it that way. What they talk about is that you are being safer in your smoking habits by using them.”

“Safer? You’re still smoking, aren’t you?”

“Well, yeah but I am not breathing in the same chemicals that are in the cigarettes you smoke!”

“Yeah, what do they say about that? I mean, you are puffing away and you’re getting … something!”

“What I am getting, my friend, is the nicotine that you are I are getting, and a little water vapor. That is the smoke-like stuff that I breathe out. There is no second hand smoke here!”

“What good is that going to do? Do you get the same back-of-the-throat hit that I do? That is a big reason why I smoke; it’s that buzz when I need a pick me up!”

“Some of them have that! This one does, but some of them don’t. It depends on the make and model. What I like about this one is that I don’t have to inhale as hard as some of the others I tried.”

“How much do they cost? I heard you can’t get one for less than about $100.00!”

“There are some that do cost that much. This one cost me about $60.00 and the one I have at home only cost $20.00. They can go up to about $160.00, but you don’t necessarily need to do that if you don’t have that kind of money. Why? Are you thinking about getting one, finally?”

“I don’t know.. I noticed that your breath does not have the same.. aroma as mine, and that would make my wife happy, but I need to know a little more, first.”

“I’m all ears, and I don’t have to be anywhere very soon. What are you thinking about?”

“How do they work? What is it that they do?”

“Well, there is a battery, and it is the biggest part of the electronic cigarette. Here is where the atomizer is and then the Nicotine cartridge. You suck on the cartridge, here, the battery atomizes the nicotine in the cartridge and you inhale the drug and the water vapor.”

“I notice the end even lights up! Where can I get one? Do you need a prescription or what?”

“No prescription and you can get them at many stores. The $20.00 one I have at home I got from a convenience store 2 blocks from the house! You can also buy e-cigs online.”

“Are there a lot of people smoking these things?”

“More and more all the time. I have looked at some of the e-cig reviews and you would be amazed at what they are saying are the best electronic cigarettes! Some of the ones they review are quite expensive, but they also talk about the less expensive units like this one.”

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