Ancient Aliens, or How Stone Temple Pilots Got Their Name

I think the “Ancient Aliens” show on the History Channel explains the whole Mayan calendar thing.

The aliens that were here sharing their technology had to leave for some reason and told the Mayans: “Don’t worry, we’ll be right back! Just take the calendar out to 2012 and we’ll be back to help you finish it!”

Well, 2012 isn’t over yet, so who knows? They may be back sometime in the next 11 months. Wouldn’t surprise me at all! Of course, that theory is dependent on the fact that it actually is 2012. Anyone who has read Immanuel Velikovsky knows that it might not be that year at all!

As far as leaving no tools behind, haven’t you ever watched “Star Trek?” A real breach of the Prime Directive: “Oh, no, captain! When I fell down, I dropped my tricorder and left it down on the planet!” It was considered unthinkable to leave technology on planets which didn’t already have it! So, naturally, they took everything with them.

Just about every ancient culture has a story about aliens coming to earth and why we can’t take them at their word, I don’t know. We believe everything else they say about their culture and history. But, aliens, no!

It makes as much sense as human sacrifice and we don’t question that.

Since the technology was so foreign, it seemed like magic and the ancient cultures did not have the words or the understanding to explain the technicalities. They drew pictures and the words they left behind can certainly be construed to describe alien ships and technology.

In my research for this blog, I found the answer to a personal question that has bugged me for 20 years. Why did grunge rockers “Stone Temple Pilots” pick that name? According to Wikipedia, Scott Weiland named it after a cave drawing of a man piloting a small ship! Great minds think alike…

Personally, I think “Stargate” is correct and the pyramids were fashioned as landing pads for alien ships. Makes more sense than the fact that we can’t figure out a use for them yet!

What I really want to know is, does it really matter whether we are alone or not? Considering how many galaxies with habitable planets there are, it is certainly possible, even probable. After all, the Sun is a very minor star on the fringes of the Galaxy. We should feel flattered if anyone ever did come all this way to check us out. They probably thought it would be fun to give us a little kick start all those years ago.

Now that we have the capability of blowing our planet out of the Solar System, we might merit some real attention.

But what if we are alone? Should that make any difference? Shouldn’t we still strive for spiritual growth and raising our collective consciousness? Shouldn’t we be concerned about the environment and the possibility of destroying our planet’s air and water? Shouldn’t we find a better way to live than “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?” Shouldn’t we find a way to eradicate sickness and poverty? I think so!

Wherever it came from, we already have the technology to do it, but we lack the will.

If other beings are out there, perhaps they will come and give us some hints. Maybe they’ll be impressed by our example.

Maybe they’ll help us finish the Mayan Calendar.

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