Anderson Cooper Not the First to Lose It on Live TV

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper lost his composure on air Wednesday when the topic of Gerard Depardieu came up. Depardieu was arrested after urinating in the aisle of an AirFrance plane earlier this week. During his mention of the arrest on air, Cooper let out “potty puns” that you wouldn’t expect to come from a man who has reported from overseas during combat, according to New York Daily News.

“They should thank their lucky stars it wasn’t ‘Depar-two,” he said before keeling over from laughter. This happens to the best of reporters, meaning Cooper isn’t the first to have experienced this type of trouble before. What other television personalities have suffered similar incidents?

Charley Steiner

One of the greatest anchors to come out of ESPN, Steiner is normally known for being a serious person on-air. But over the years Steiner has lost it on several occasions. On one occasion in particular, Chicago Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood had also been arrested for public urination, allegedly telling police, “I can’t stop now, I have to finish.” As Steiner was attempting to say this, he burst out in uncontrollable laughter. One could search YouTube for clips of Steiner cracking up, and they are all equally as funny. One about Mike Tyson immediately comes to mind.

Matt Lauer

During a telecast of the Today show, Matt Lauer was interviewing Jean Chatzky on a serious topic: food prices. One of the tips Chatzky had was to watch the size of the package. As Lauer asked about this tip, he seemed fine, but once Chatzky responded by saying that retailers will shrink packages to trick the consumers, the host must have started to make faces off camera — Chatzky was starting to lose it.

As Chatzky attempted to recover, Lauer continued to laugh before co-host Meredith Vieira saved him and sent the show into a commercial. Lauer blamed Vieira for making it even more difficult for him, but it was a moment that will be talked about by fans of the show for a long time.

Drew Carey

Drew Carey is one of the funniest people on television. He is also a guy who has one of the most difficult tasks on television: replacing a legend. When Bob Barker left the Price is Right, it’s hard to imagine how he would feel about Carey losing it during a show.

Michael Bummer, a gynecologist from Pittsburgh, bid $69 for a pendant and Carey immediately started laughing. What made things even worse for Carey was the fact that Bummer was closest to the actual retail price of the item, which kept the humor coming as “Dr. Bummer” attempted to win a Jeep. This was something I never saw Barker do, but I guess you can’t blame Carey; it truly does happen to the best.

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