Andrea Kelly Heats Up Stage with Le Pink Kitty Cabaret

It was almost a year ago when Andrea Kelly, ex-wife and choreographer of R& B hit maker R, Kelly, debuted her Le Pink Kitty Cabaret in Atlanta. Now she is back by popular demand with a monthly cabaret series bringing sophistication to adult entertainment. Le Pink Kitty Cabaret is a spin off of the Andrea Kelly Dance Theatre, a dance company founded by Andrea combining traditional dance techniques such as ballet with jazz and hip-hop. After much deliberation Kelly decided to migrate to Atlanta adding a fresh and sensual perspective to dance in the African- American community.

“We have professionally trained dancers in the company and we wanted to bring the true discipline of dance to Atlanta,” Andrea explains. “While we were auditioning there were so many girls who would flip their hair and look pretty, but that’s not want dancing is, we wanted to bring the true essence of dance to Atlanta.”

Le Pink Kitty Cabaret is a highly sensual performance featuring men and women dancing to tunes like “Simply Beautiful” by Al Green. The debut of the cabaret was successful and after months of fans asking for an encore Kelly decided to launch the series which focuses on the sexier side of dance.

“This show is strictly cabaret,” Andrea says. “It follows relationships, infatuation and falling in love . It’s more edgy and pushes the envelope.”

Andrea spent more than six years pushing the envelope as a choreographer for R.Kelly. She met R.Kelly during the last round of auditions for a video shoot. The meeting turned into a permanent position in the R.Kelly camp which eventually led to marriage and three children. Andrea says though A friend encouraged her to audition because of her looks, it was her talent that caught R. Kelly’s attention.

“My friend Lisa Raye, actress, said ‘Girl, he’s going to like you,’” Andrea recalls. “So I went to the audition and I started suggesting moves and saying ‘You could do this instead of doing that” and by the end of the audition he turned to everyone and said ‘This is my new choreographer.’”

Andrea choreographed R.Kelly’s videos, concerts and managed the wardrobe. She accompanied her husband and his dancers on tours for 10 years, but many of his fans were unaware he was married. The hushed rumors that strained their marriage eventually exploded into a full blown sex tape scandal leading to divorce.

“You’re in the celebrity culture and every one kinda knows everything,” Kelly says. “I was never suspicious, because I was busy being a mother and a wife. It wasn’t the first time I had been faced with it.”

Andrea dealt with the negative press with smiles and staying tight lipped regarding her ex-husband’s extra marital activities. Now she is celebrating her independence by immersing herself in the art of dance and pushing past her former limitations.

“Rob is not supportive at all, but that just a man being a man,” Kelly says. “I wouldn’t say I am relieved that I am divorced, but it is a rebirth. It’s my time to come out.”

Taking her rightful place in the limelight at the request of adoring fans who can’t wait for the next monthly installment of Le Pink Kitty Cabaret is turning out to be a good decision for Andrea who spent years in the shadows.

“We have such a positive response,” Andrea says. “The cabaret is sexy and edgier, but still classy.”

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