Andrew W.K. Talks ‘I Get Wet’ 10th Anniversary

A diversely creative mind Andrew W.K. possesses talent as a producer, actor, and most notably musician. The world’s introduction to Andrew W.K.’s creativity came back in 2001 with his debut album “I Get Wet.” Several songs from “I Get Wet” enjoyed mainstream exposure through inclusion on video games, commercials, and movies. With 2012 marking his debut album’s 10th anniversary I recently caught up with Andrew W.K. to discuss all things “I Get Wet.”

Reflecting Back
Asked if he held any specific expectations back in 2001 when releasing “I Get Wet” Andrew W.K. responded, “Not really, my only expectation was to do the best that I could and make the best album I could with the people I was working with.” He explains, “Being it was my first full length album, being that I never toured around the world really it was all starting completely from scratch so it was hard with such limited experience to really imagine even what was probable.”

Talking with Andrew W.K. reveals his enthusiasm for music and life in general. He states “I was only able to muster up the energy required to do all the work (creating ‘I Get Wet’) thinking that it (music) would be what I would do for the rest of my life.” This enthusiasm enables Andrew W.K. to live outside the bounds of traditional success and failure. While perhaps a cliché statement, Andrew W.K. truly lives each day like his last. “You can say to yourself you gave all the energy you possibly had. And that’s a good feeling in case you die the next day you went out with a full blown effort.” As long as you give your all you can consider yourself successful.

When questioned about how he evolved over the past decade Andrew W.K. stated, “I think evolution sometimes is overrated.” Andrew W.K. clarifies he attempts to remain the same and the best evolution occurs without trying. In fact the musician values music due to its consistent nature. “With music if I like a song I like to hear that song. I’m glad that it doesn’t change every time and that’s what’s fun about listening to a record in the first place, you can always count on it.”

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary
To commemorate the “I Get Wet” 10th anniversary Andrew W.K. plans to go on a full tour, playing the entire album live night in and night out. The “I Get Wet” tour marks the first time Andrew W.K. will do this. Looking towards the future Andrew W.K. ensures there are “many more decades of Andre W.K. to come. I look forward to celebrating the 50th anniversary someday.”

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