Apple Continues to Take Money Out of Pockets in 2012

COMMENTARY | AllthingsD has reported the ever-updating Apple has scheduled a media event for March in San Francisco that could lead be the unveiling of the iPad 3. In 2012 Apple seeks to see the release of the iPhone 5, iPad 3 and iTV.

With the many tablets on the market, the iPad still outsold its competition. Apple dominated the market in tablets and smart phones despite their high-end price tags. New features are said to include a better camera, faster processor, longer sustaining battery and the possibility of retina display, and the support of 4G LTE network.

Apple’s marketing has always involved convincing people “this is the only product you’ll ever need, this will change your life, you must buy this, you’ll be left behind without it…” then several months later, coming out with an upgrade.

How long before customers get tired of constantly trading up their iPhones every year? Most phone company contracts have a two-year minimum; this doesn’t keep up with how quickly Apple replaces its own products.

What’s this about iTV? At first I wondered what Apple and British television network ITV would be combining to do together but it turns out Apple is planning on gaining a share in the television market. Whether or not they’ll be able to use that name is undetermined as I can see lawyers shuffling papers already.

The iTV may integrate Siri the voice recognition technology released with the iPhone 4S. Siri has been hugely popular with people relying on their iPhone 4S as their new virtual assistant. How voice recognition would benefit you changing channels I’m not sure. We already fight over the remote, what if the whole family starts shouting the shows or channel’s they want to watch? The TV will explode?

The “iTV” aims to integrate the internet with television and of course Apple’s current stream of products including iTunes. Now you’re living room will be full of iEverything. Sit down on your iSofa, drinking your iSoda, watching your iTV, controlling it with your iPad whilst talking on your iPhone and ordering an iPizza.

In 2013 Apple aims to take over the iWorld.

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