Apple Launches New Products: “Apple TV”

The Apple TV may represent the next wave of media consumption in a market of extreme competition and high consumer demands. There is a great deal of loyalty to the Apple brand, but loyalty can change over the years, particularly as it pertains to technology. Like many other Apple products, the Apple TV is a streamlined way to enjoy a variety of different content through a home television set. In general terms, the Apple TV is a small box that pairs with a computer and allows the user to watch movies, television shows and sporting events by streamed content from the Internet. As with many other devices, this can be done wirelessly with the right Internet setup. The Apple TV also allows users to see media such as photos on their television screen, which can enhance the viewing experience.

The Apple way

While Apple is extremely popular, there is also the reality that Apple does things a certain way. What this means to the consumer is that using something like the Apple TV is best utilized by using other Apple products. In addition, contracts with media companies will continue to be an issue for Apple and other providers such as Netflix. Consumers are very demanding, and if a company cannot provide the content they want for an appropriate price, they may jump quickly to another provider. For some consumers, that price is free, especially since so much material is available for free over the Internet.


At the moment, there are other competitors that will fight for a piece of the media viewing market. One notable competitor is Netflix, which has the Roku box that links with a Netflix account and allows users to stream movies and shows to their television. In addition, a Netflix account can also be accessed through various video game consoles, which makes it appealing to those consumers who do not want to acquire a new device. Apple TV can also utilize Netflix, but the future popularity of the Apple device will have much to do with the popularity and expansion of the streaming media market and which provider can gain access to more content.

Watching habits

When measuring the future effectiveness of media hardware, there is also the reality of consumption habits that may change drastically in the future. Consumers still watch television, and the combination of shows, movies and on-demand content is almost endless. What is unclear is whether watchers will continue to gather around the television. Today, many people use their laptops, tablets and smart phones to watch their favorite content via the web. Therefore, the Apple TV may be a hot product for the needs of the current generation, but there may come a time when most of the viewing shifts away from standalone hardware in the living room.

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