Are Chem-trails Real and Should Parents Be Concerned About Them

Are Chem-Trails a Threat to You and Your Family – This is a Topic you Need to Know About
The topic of Chem-Trails, aka chemtrails, is something any reasonable person should want to know about. The topic, albeit controversial, has been around for a very long time and does not seem to go away. Is there fire where there is smoke on this topic?

Familiarize Yourself with the Chem-Trails Topic
As early as 2004, and perhaps before, the military has been spraying, or seeding, the skies over North America. The same type of activity has been seen over parts of Europe, including Great Britain and an area that used to be called the Benelux countries; (Belgium, Holland and Luxemburg). The events noticed by millions of citizens in affected areas were called mystery contrails. Later various articles and books appeared calling these visible events in the sky, chem-trails or chemtrails. No government in affected areas, or their respective military commands would give reasonable explanations about the occurrences, nor did they feel there was any need for concern. The reasons they gave for the criss-cross patterns in the skies over North America and Europe were at best fanciful. On reporter in the vanguard of publishing information on this topic claims his home and family were targeted for direct spraying by unmarked aircraft. This reporter posted a story online in February of 1999 explaining the physical symptoms he and his family, including pets have suffered from the sprayings. In June of 1999 sightings of the criss crossing patterns of “jet contrails” were seen again by millions of North Americans. At that time members of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Military stated publically on the radio that it was their opinion these trails were made by tanker airplanes flown by foreign pilots.

So What’s the Deal – What’s the Worry
At this time no one is absolutely sure what, if anything, is going on but there are so many people that do it might be worth your time to investigate. There are hundreds of resources on the internet about this topic, pro and con. My goal in this article is to get you thinking about this subject. If you are concerned the links given as resources will lead you to hundreds of additional articles and reference material, pro and con, on this topic. Take a look at the three photos included with this article. Especially one of them makes it clear something is going on. There is no way commercial airlines have flight schedules and paths that cross in checkerboard flight patterns, all exhibiting massive contrails behind them as they cross the skies.

Chem-Trails and UFO’s
There are some who feel increasing UFO sightings, especially at night, are tied to Chem-Trail activity. They feel the UFO’s are our own and they are part of the spraying or seeding program.

Reasons and Motive for Spraying of Pathogens in our Skies
This is not an area that I am qualified to write on. That is why I provide resources, identified with this article for you to use in checking out this problem on your own. I will say that the main concern is that chem.-trails are toxin laden aerosols not put into our skies for any good health based reason. Despite what our governments are telling us these aerosols are also not done for national security and not for any reason the governments will even admit is taking place.

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