Are Focus Factor Vitamin Supplements Useful for Maintaining Brain Health?

Focus Factor, a brain health vitamin supplement, is one of those products that seems just too good to be true. Like the oft-wished for “smart pill,” Focus Factor promises to support and maintain memory, concentration and focus, three things that everyone in our society today feels short in supply of. Does it really work, though? With each 60-capsule bottle costing at least $20, the supplement is just as expensive as some prescription medications, and that’s a lot of money to throw around on what might be little more than smoke and mirrors.

Focus Factor Testimonials

The testimonials on the Focus Factor website, run by Factor Nutrition Labs, are typically understated, referring to anecdotal instances of users of the brain health vitamin supplement being better able to recall names and dates, places, and so forth. Users report increased mental clarity and acuity, as well as the ability to concentrate more clearly on what you are doing. With the current focus on adult ADD and the prescriptions that are being written for what are potentially dangerous and addictive drugs, one has to ask the question, “is Focus Factor a viable alternative?” Of course, these are the testimonials listed on the front page of Factor Nutrition Labs’ website, so the veracity of these claims should, obviously, be questioned.

Increasing Brain Health

One of the major supporters of the claim to Focus Factor being a reliable way of increasing brain health is that Factor Nutrition Labs occasionally offers a 14-day trial of Focus Factor if you pay attention to radio advertisements, or a $4 coupon on their website that you can use. Timed carefully, you can get even greater discounts by watching for the vitamin supplement to go on sale at your local stores. This could save you as much as $7 off the original price. Another strong selling point is the list of ingredients, or rather the lack of ingredients. Focus Factor does not contain any artificial ingredients, egg products, preservatives, starches, wheat ingredients, sweeteners or caffeine. This compares to other purported brain health claims from other companies such as the 5-hour energy shot dietary supplement that contains as much caffeine as a large cup of coffee.

Focus Factor Side Effects

Some users of Focus Factor have reported side effects, primarily gastric upset, but these side effects have been reported to be relatively mild, and are associated with higher doses of the vitamin supplement. The label indicates that users are to take two tablets twice per day, with larger individuals able to take as many as eight in a day, effectively reducing the typical 60-count bottle to nothing more than a one-week supply. Taking two per day should be sufficient for most users, and will allow the bottle to last for a full month. If you do try the vitamin supplement, have one with breakfast and one with dinner for a week to determine how your body will react to the supplement. If you feel as though you can safely increase your dosage, raise the limit to the specifications listed on the bottle, but do not take too many at once. Focus Factor does contain substances that can be dangerous if ingested too heavily, such as iron.

As with practically all vitamin supplements, Focus Factor is a product that one should use with care, but that at the very least does offer a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs to maintain brain health as well as general health. While this vitamin supplement may be helpful in combating the effects of mental fuzziness and adult ADD, it’s important to speak to a health professional before beginning to take any vitamin supplement, particularly if you think you may suffer from a severe chemical imbalance.

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