Asperger Syndrome Between Male and Female

There’s fallacy stating that females don’t get Aspergers. The truth is that both the male and female can possibly have Asperger Syndrome.

As we all know, Asperger Syndrome has an effect on individual’s behavior, personality and the way they interact with other people. According to research, the males are most likely to have Asperger Syndrome compared to females. Unfortunately, both male and female tend to be poor in social skills. For instance, it’s difficult for them to start friendship with peers; they have low communication skills, motor skills and tend to have behavioral problems.

At their young age, females with Asperger syndrome are fond of fantasizing fairy tales like princesses, magic kingdoms and magical worlds. They brought their interests in dolls and imaginary friends. They may be kind of rigid or firm when it comes to their daily routines like arranging their toys in a certain ways in the shelf, read a book couple of times and eat the same meal every day. It’s sort of a repetitive way.

Socially speaking, female kids have the greater craving to connect with other children and make friends compare to boys with Asperger Syndrome. Some experts speculate that fewer girls are diagnosed because they can make a friend and these friends can help them to cope with their symptoms.

In terms of communication, they are less talkative than normal girls. They are shy in interacting with others because of their poor communication and language skills. When in a conversation, they feel uncomfortable and appear extremely shy and aloof. They always tend to mimic other children who have good social skills. They like to follow the mannerisms or body language, facial expressions and tone of the voice just to fit in.

Males with Asperger Syndrome pours out their anger and frustrations by aggression and physical violence. But compare to females with Aspergers, they are passive and less violence. They keep their emotions and feelings to themselves. These females are more motivated to learn rather than males. Some of them even excel in their choice of interest, like in science and math.

As they turn to puberty stage, the symptoms of Aspergers in teens are more obvious like their obsessions in dolls and imaginary friends. The most difficult endeavor they encounter is giving focus on details or instructions, as well as on the things that they are not interested of.

The most challenging years as they become older, is to be in a relationship and marriage stage. Women with Asperger Syndrome struggle and find it difficult to be in an intimate relationship for the reason that they have a hard time to show their emotions of love and care. Due to this, feeling of loneliness and isolation on their part and their partner is possible. They will still follow some routines and rituals like pacing and stomping when they feel upset and may feel anxious in a change of their routines. Some women with Asperger Syndrome had the chance to get married but they have difficulty in giving emotional support to their husband and act their responsibilities to their children.

The above statements were based on research and studies. Women are mostly believed to be strong willed, as well as to men. Nevertheless, emotional support from family and friends is much needed to those men and women with Asperger Syndrome.

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