Based on True Events…

In a room

Six friends
Six girlfriends
Six, successful, girlfriends, sat

Watching a movie
Some eating popcorn
Some Neapolitan ice cream
Some fresh berries and mixed fruit
Some all three
There was soda, hot cocoa and iced-tea
There was talking
More than the movie characters:

“I brought the cutest shirt!”

“The Travel Channel had a special on Mediterranean Islands, I would love to visit Malta and Montenegro. They have world class couple resorts.”

And to the movie:

“Oh, he’s cute!”

“-Did you see that? Run-you-*dern-idiot!”

“Why would you run there?!”

And then:

“Why did I get married?”

Did the movie stop?
Not one was thirty.

The food evaporate?
All were collegiate.

Conversation go dull?
They were once, all, so cute

Lifelong friends in fact…
Something like strangulation…

The raucous was heard
Officials were called
Little could be deciphered
The apartment looked the part of a massacre
And friends now both victims and killers:

A grisly scene…Stark faces…Some side-eyes…boiling…Some tears….Some teeth…bared

But as time passed
and flared tempers, calmed
The survivors agreed

It was a cruel thing to ask in a room of 5 single women:
Why did I get married?

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