Beautiful Dreamer

Beautiful dreamer with eyes so blue

How much I want your dreams to come true

You gave so much of yourself each day

To everyone you know in every which way

Never once asking what’s in it for me

Or how long before repayment can be

Instead you just gave and gave some more

You couldn’t have known what was in store

People our friends they came in the droves

Hands held out saying they needed some more and

Then it seemed that wasn’t enough

They wanted to take until they took your last buck

So they plotted they schemed and

Even they dreamed

On how they would rob and steal everything

Meanwhile sincere, honest and true

Hardworking, diligent, not given one thing

You would earn each and every impossible dream and

A lot you achieved without any surprise

Until we found out of our friends dirty lies

You didn’t and don’t deserve what they dished

Stabbed in the back; taking all that they could

I would take all away if only I could

Tina Louise Wilson

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