Best Back to School Apps

Going back to school or starting college is a frustrating, and for most of us, a sad event. School only brings more work, frustration, and less time to do what we really want too. But these apps can make studying, and class work easier, to give you more time on fun stuff, and less on the boring stuff.


We all hate scribbling on a calendar, and trying not to be late for those important research paper deadlines, because let’s face it, we never actually check the calendar. But now it’s easier to keep all your deadlines and study dates in order by using myHomework.

The layout is easy and simple to use, as it’s programmed to look like a notebook, that you can add and erase class study dates and paper deadlines on.

The events are color coded, that way you can know which papers are late (red), which ones you need to start working on (yellow), and the ones that you can push off — again.

You can also classify each assignment how you want (i.e. homework, study, paper etc) making it even easier to sift out the most important of your assignments.

Flashcards Deluxe

Let’s be honest, no one’s ever that thrilled about flash cards, and to some, this method may even seem slightly elementary. But whether you’re studying deplorable terms for your science class, or trying to get through your foreign language course, flash cards work whether we like it or not. This app makes it even easier to study because you can shuffle them, use pictures (for art classes etc), you can write your answer on the flashcard, as well as have the app read them aloud.

As far as organizing, it’s simple. It keeps all your flashcards under their respective labels, and you can access them under your ‘Decks’ icon. You can combine your decks for further quizzing, or put your decks under ‘private’ so only you can access them. I find this a studying essential for any level.

PI83 Graphing Calculator

Most instrument calculators cost anywhere from $75-$100 dollars or more. So this $1 app is really a good substitute for that. It is missing a few symbols that you’d find on the very high end real ones, but for high school or average college Algebra 2 and other courses, this calculator will suffice. It looks just like the full calculator, and you can draw graphs, draw equations, as well as use a regular calculator, and other things that wouldn’t otherwise come on your ordinary graph calculator.

The only complaint is, for new users, there is no manual or instruction guide as there would be with a handheld calculator, but for the experienced users this causes no problem.

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