Best Combination Grills

Combination grills provide the perfect grilling option for every type of food and every personal grilling preference. While most grills only allow cooking with one method, a combination allows grillers to cook with a combination of gas, wood or charcoal. The best combination grills allow you to cook with all three items, but some gas and charcoal combination grills contain special features that make them equally as desirable.


Kalamazoo’s Hybrid Grills allow grillers to mix gas, charcoal and wood to create the ultimate grilling surface. To work, charcoal and wood are loaded into drawers which sit directly above the grill’s gas burners. Some models offer a single drawer, while others contain double drawers to allow you to grill different foods with two combinations of wood, charcoal and gas. Kalamazoo’s Hybrid Grill comes in built-in and stand-alone models, but the ability to cook on the grill is not for those on a budget, as most models cost around $10,000.


Char-Broil offers a selection of charcoal-gas combination grills. These grills, which are sold by hardware stores, department stores and large discount stores present a more affordable option at under $500. Grillers have the option of cooking with the 3-burner gas grill or the charcoal grill which are both contained in this combination grill. In addition to the ability to cook with gas and charcoal, some models offer a side burner and covered grill shelves for additional cooking and storage options. A smoker is also available on many models.


Char-Griller designs grills and smokers for those who enjoy professional BBQ and experimenting with their cooking. As far as combination grills are concerned, Char-Griller’s Duo Model offers a 3-burner gas grill and a side gas burner for additional cooking, along with an attached full-size charcoal grill. The Duo Combo Cooker Jr. contains a smaller gas grill, charcoal grill and side burner for those who prefer to use the grill more recreationally.

Smoke Hollow

Typically known for its line of smokers, Smoke Hollow offers its Charcoal/Gas Grill which offers a 3-burner stainless steel gas grill and cast-iron cooking grids for both gas and charcoal grilling. In addition to the gas and charcoal options, the grill contains a side firebox for smoking meats. The grill offers the sleek lines and case of more expensive grills. The wire mesh bottom shelf provides storage.

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