“Big Brother” Shocker

A “Big Brother” shocker? How about Brendon returning to once again create the unlovable duo of “Brachel?” I didn’t see this one coming. Did America just lose their freaking minds allowing Brendon the opportunity to return to the household. I’ll have to admit that Brendon is the participant who will cause or create the most drama. So maybe America voted Brendon back into the game so he and Rachel can terrorize the house(particularly Daniele) for the next several weeks.

What happened? Brendon was voted out just last week when he was put up on the block against Rachel. Being the stronger competitor and the least emotional of the two, Brendon sacrificed himself for the sake of his “future wife.” So he got evicted and went into a “Big Brother” storage tank with the other 3 booted houseguests. Knowing there was a twist, Lawon asked Kalia to put him up this week thinking he would come back with “stronger powers.” It was an awful choice and it certainly backfired on Lawon. The “Big Brother” shocker of a twist? America voted for Brendon to have an opportunity to face Lawon in a one on one live challenge. It was a physical competition that included rolling volleyballs(with names of each individual houseguests) into a hole(almost like a basketball contest). Brendon dominated Lawon and earned his trip back to the “Big Brother” household. Another “Big Brother” shocker or just a case of not being able to get rid of one of the most annoying duos ever in the history of the game?

I think it’s safe to say for some of us that we’ve seen enough of Brachel. The Brendon Rachel combination might make for good television but it certainly has been annoying to watch unfold the past few years. Rachel is as whiny as they come and Brendon isn’t too far behind in that category. Both are so emotional that it’s hard to imagine they could win the entire competition. But the two do win individual competitions from time to time so that could go a long way in determining how far they make it this time.

Why did America vote for Brendon? I think it’s safe to say that Brendon is the most well known of the four evicted houseguests. Not only was he the last person evicted(meaning he spent more time this season on air), he was also on the show for a previous entire season. I think America also wanted to see the Brachel fireworks and his wrath of returning and avenging his eviction. I’ll have to admit it might make for more compelling television but once again we are faced with characters that we have already become too familiar with. In other words, these people just won’t go away and the CBS show keeps allowing them to come back. Ugggh! Mercy, already.

I think one of the great things about “Big Brother” is that we truly get to see personalities unfold before our eyes as the game progresses. With the returning duos, we already have a strong sense of what people like Brendon and Rachel and Jeff and Jordan are like during those pivotal situations. I think it’s kind of unfair that we may not have the opportunity to see newbies like Adam, Shelly and even Porsche during those critical moments. Why not? Because they might get the boot early in favor of the majority duos.

I hope “Big Brother” isn’t following suit with a show like “The Bachelor” where people now exist from season to season. The thrill of reality television, at least for some of us, is getting to know new people each year-not really getting to become overly familiar with these random people and allowing them more than their 15 minutes(or now episodes) of fame.

The “Big Brother” shocker is probably the fact that the new houseguests have allowed the returning duos to stick around so long. Remember when Jesse returned and was booted nearly immediately?
Typically the players on a reality show like “Big Brother” would try their best to rid the house of people with experience. But Porsche, Shelly and some of the others have helped the returning duos stick around. Hopefully they’ll wake up and we might have a new final two this season with people who aren’t seasoned veterans. Maybe that would stop the precedent of having players back for a second go round.
My opinion is that this “Big Brother” re-hash could set an ugly precedent of serial players. I know it’s worked on a show like “Survivor” but if you plan to bring people back at least make them likable-or somewhat likable. I probably wouldn’t be complaining if just Jeff and Jordan were tossed back into the mix-but even those two are slightly annoying because we’ve seen their antics before.

I would definitely be all for an all-star “Survivor” type “Big Brother”. But not this mix of returnees and new players-something just hasn’t been right about it-especially when the newbies don’t rally to fight against them. I feel like we’re watching a repeat of the last two or three seasons combined-and while I’m still a fan of the show I don’t feel as if this season is providing enough “new” excitement to make it as worthwhile. It’s supposed to be the “new” summer show that captures our imagination and attention during a simply boring network hiatus. But if the final four is narrowed down to the returning duos-that would kind of be the icing on the cake for this rerun of a season.

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