Big Ten and SEC Collide-Crimson Meets Blue and White

A lot of people look at this game and think that it will be an easy win for Alabama, but even with a young and inexperienced quarterback Penn State could have a chance to get the upset and being at home they have a real opportunity on their hands. I’m not saying that Penn State won’t have to have a lot of things go their way in order to get a victory because they will, but I wouldn’t count the Lions out just yet. The main advantage for Penn State in this game is that they are not expected to win which means that they could catch Alabama off guard and really put the pressure on early. A lot of people may say that Penn State has nothing to lose and that a loss in this game won’t matter much, but it’s easy to forget that every team wants to win and a loss is a loss period. Keeping the game close will do a lot for Penn State’s confidence, but getting blown out at home would be bad.

For the above reason I see this being a close game to the end. a lot closer than people anticipate. If Penn State wins this game then it could spring board Penn State to a tremendous season and possibly a big ten title. Many may think Penn State is out matched in both talent and experience, but let’s not forget that Alabama has a new quarterback and some new faces on both offense and defense. This will be as much about defense as offense and it will come down to which offense can get started early. If Penn State manages to score first and hold Alabama in the very next series look for the momentum to favor Penn state. If Penn State wins this game I don’t see them being considered a national contender just yet. If they can manage to go undefeated and Alabama does well the rest of the way I can see Penn State making it high in the rankings. Even with a victory it would be too early to tell for Penn State, but a loss by Bama, even in a close game is sure to take them out of the national spotlight with teams like Boise realistically going undefeated I can’t see Bama overtaking them even if Bama were to go undefeated the rest of the way. A loss against Penn State is just not an option for Alabama.

This game is sure to be an exciting one and given the implications for both teams it is likely to be a very physical game until the very end. If Bama can get a victory here it will mean a lot in terms of their confidence when going on the road and will solidify that they do belong. I know that it is early in the season and Alabama winning a close one against Penn State will create some doubters, but its not the score that matters but whether you win or lose. Too often people focus on the score and not the fact that a team won. Sure you’re supposed to win as Bama did against Kent State, but this is Penn State and its in their house, those looking for a blowout by Bama need to realize that Penn State isn’t Kent State.

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