Biography of Peter Bogdanovich

Peter Bogdanovich was born in Kingston, New York in 1939 on July 30th. The fact of his birth date adding up to a Leo from the Western astrology and a snake from the Eastern astrology is an obvious clue for the demanding attention and charisma that he naturally has displayed his entire life. This lack of being the center of attention helped Peter become successful always challenging himself for the next big project. Peter was conceived in Europe but born in America to Austrian Jewish parents fleeing the Nazi’s during WWII. During his childhood, Peter became obsessed with cinema seeing as many as up to 400 movies in a single year. At age 16 he studied acting with teacher Stella Adler which began his passion for a career in cinema.

Before Peter’s directing career began he had already built up a reputation with the magazine ‘Esquire’ as a film writer. He and his wife eventually moved to Los Angeles with the intent of breaking into film business. Rather than trying to be noticed or seen however, Peter would ask publicists for invitations to movie premiers and industry parties. It was at these events that Peter was able to meet friends and establish himself into a position where a directing job would literally fall into his lap. It was Roger Corman that gave Peter his first job as director on the movie “Targets” and “Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women.” Bouncing between journalism and directing, Peter grew quite a reputation for himself with movies such as “Mask”, “The Cat’s Meow”, and “Paper Moon.” Peter not only directed but also wrote books such as “Who the Devil Made it?” (1997) and “Who the Hell’s in it?” (2004). His resume reads film historian, director, writer, actor, producer and critic.

Currently Peter still works and remains one of Hollywood’s elite also being labeled as part of the “New Wave Hollywood Directors.” He continues to create art work through one of his many different chosen professions as well as continues his interest as a film critic and observer. Peter Bogdanovich is currently 72 years old.


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