Blue Exorcist Episode Fourteen “A Fun Camping Trip”–Review

It’s summer break, and the regular students are heading off on their summer vacations. Rin and his class however are going to be going on a camping trip that is actually a “field drill.” After Yukio states that he and Shura will be supervising them, we go to the opening credits.

When we get back from the opening credits Rin and a few of the others are extremely enthused about this camping trip. (Rin in particular is a bundle of hyperactive energy.) A little later, we see the kids hiking along in much less cheerful spirits because they are all carrying heavy back packs. (Except for Rin, who is bubbly and ridiculously energetic, even though he’s carrying both his and Shura’s supplies. His fellow classmates have no idea where he gets all of his enthusiasm.) Yukio warns them that the forest is calm during the day but at night is infested with lower level demons.

The kids reach a clearing and Yukio assigns the kids tasks. (He has the boys set up the tents and the girls draw a protective circle and cook dinner.) Rin is in extremely high spirits, much to the annoyance of Ryuji and the hilarity of everyone else. Meanwhile, Izumo is being ridiculously grumpy because Shiemi is ridiculously cheerful and appears to still regard Izumo as a friend. Later, it’s revealed that the girls are actually not that great at cooking, which prompts Rin to immediately take over. (Yukio, why would you even bother assigning anyone beside Rin to the job?) Everyone is deeply impressed by Rin’s cooking, and Yukio cheerfully informs everyone that cooking is Rin’s only real skill. (Much to Rin’s outrage.)

Later that evening, Yukio goes over the rules for the field exercise the kids are going to be taking part in. (Shura is not much help in the explaining part because she has gotten herself drunk as a skunk.) This exercise is a competition in which the kids must find and light a lantern which is hidden somewhere in the woods. From there, the kids have to take the lantern back to the base camp, keeping it lit the entire time. Since there are many, many low level demons in the woods at night, this is going to be something of a challenge. Anyone who makes it back to camp with a lantern (of which there are only three) will be eligible for a combat position within the order.

Rin thinks the exercise seems pretty easy. Shura, however, informs him that Rin gets an additional handicap. He is warned that he is under no circumstances allowed to use his flames to fight anything. (For the very simple reason that if he gets caught Shura will have to kill him because he’s been found out.)

The kids head out on their own into the forest, and since the rules appear to indicate it, decide to head out on their own instead of teaming up. This proves to be a hard resolve to keep, since several of the kids end up neck deep in trouble. The low level demons are mothlike creatures that suck blood and employ swarming tactics.

When Shiemi gets attacked by a gigantic version of the moth creatures, Rin immediately rushes to her rescue. He finds her under a pile of moth creatures and proceeds to flip out, using his powers. This gets rid of the moths. Unfortunately, it also draws the attention or Ryuji, who may or may not have seen that Rin was the source of the bright flash of blue light. Ryuji asks if Shiemi is alright, and then he and Rin get into a fight because Ryuji has apparently turned back on his original statement that the kids should not team up this time.

Shiemi, Rin and Ryuji are joined by Shima who is panicking because he hates insects. There’s some backchat between Shima and Ryuji, and then their cell phones go off. It’s Konekomaru, who has found a lantern, and he’s asking for his friends for help.

Meanwhile back at camp, Yukio is looking extremely unhappy. Shura however is laughing her tipsy behind off because Rin used his powers almost immediately. Yukio questions Shura’s motives about not reporting yet and Shura replies that she’s going to teach Rin how to use his sword correctly.

The scene shifts and we see Mephisto and Amaimon, who are in the forest for reasons of their own, reasons that probably involve “testing Rin’s powers.”

The kids head out to where Konekomaru is and we find out that the lanterns are very, very big and very, very heavy. It is also a kind of demon called a “Peg Lantern” that comes alive when it’s lit and tries to eat whomever is dumb enough to light it.

It appears that this is a teamwork exercise after all.

The kids come up with a plan to move the lantern. The plan goes fairly smoothly at first. (Part of the plan involves Rin pulling the cart the Peg Lantern is sitting on. Rin does this with minimal difficulty because he is insanely strong. His feat causes the kids to speculate what planet he might be from.) Then the plan bogs down in a very literal manner. They come to a suspension bridge that won’t support the weight of the lantern, and a bog full of wormy monster bugs. Ryuji comes up with a plan to get around this problem, and the kids put the plan into action. This plan works initially, but accidentally breaks the bridge. This particular bridge had been used to seal the “master” of the woods, a very large moth demon, a very large moth demon which is not happy that its little brothers were being fried by the kids.

We end with Rin in a very dangerous situation.

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