Bowling Alleys in Bloomington, IN

Located in the heart of the Indiana Memorial Union Building on 900 E 7th St, for those not used to the area, The Back Alley can be a little challenging to find. It’s a bit of a walk to boot, but the destination will be worth it. The students are more than happy to lead you in the right direction, and you get to view the beautiful campus as you trek along.

When it comes to parking, you grab a ticket from the dispenser before you park at the building. The bowling alley clerk will punch your ticket so parking is free.


I liked the place from the start. And I felt comfortable bringing my family. Everything was well lit, clean, and welcoming. There are two big flat screen TVs that are nice to view while waiting. The alley is watched by college students who were kind and answered questions. Gutter guards are available and the alley is smoke free. There is a full snack bar. The alley lanes were noticeably scuffed and a little worn, but they’ll work if you’re looking for some fun.


IU students $2.25 per game

General $2.50 per game



Number: 812-855-2328

Now what about Classic Lanes?

Classic Lanes, if you don’t know where you’re going, can also be a bit of scavenger hunt. Located on 1421 N Willis Dr, Classic Lanes is off to the left in a sea of asphalt.


It has thirty two lanes. There is more activity in Classic Lanes. And a lot more characters than just college students. The organization of the floor is a little difficult. We had a lane in the middle of the floor and had to walk a distance to find some balls to use.

Classic Lanes also has a full snack bar and is smoke free. The clerk was friendly and was more than willing to answer our questions. Gutter guards are available. There are small TVs at each lane, but were not on when we visited. The lanes look great at Classic and are much slicker and like-new. I even fell on the lane releasing the ball and came up with a handful of grease.


Sunday $3.00 per game

Monday-Tuesday $1.75 per game + shoes

Wednesday Quartermania $5.00 flat fee + shoes

Thursday $1.95 per game

Friday $1.95 before 5pm $3.50 after 5pm

Saturday $3.50

Shoes $2.50

Number: 812-332-6689

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