Brandon Jennings Vs. Kobe Bryant: Bucks PG is Too Green to Take on a King

Challenging Kobe Bryant when you have yet to make it to a playoff game in your career seems early. Brandon Jennings has a cute shirt with a great play on words, but Kobe can wiggle his hand in front of his face for about five seconds to end any argument against the Vanilla NBA point guard. People actually want to see Kobe play. Not only in the pros, but apparently in street ball as well.

Jennings has only had the opportunity to shine during the summer while the lockout is in full effect. What does that do for the Milwaukee Bucks when the regular season is reinstated? Sure, his off the head moves are cute on a court with little to no rules, but unfortunately the NBA does not rock that way. You have to combine skill with creativity to survive and frankly I have not seen much of either sifting out of Jennings’ sneakers.

Why? Why can’t he translate his apparent ball handling skills onto the professional hardwood? Why can’t he put the Milwaukee Bucks on his back and lead them through the playoffs? Is it because the Bucks do not have enough talent? Or is it because the point guard position has become so loaded in the league that he just cannot compete?

Seriously, compare him to Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo or Deron Williams. I know I am mentioning some of the elite guards in present day hoops, but these are the men Jennings must face if he wants to get any further in his legacy. I failed to mention players like Derek Fisher and Jason Kidd, because let’s face it. Those two, and other veteran guards in the league, are well on their way out, especially since Kidd finally got his ring in Dallas.

In a game against the Chicago Bulls, the gumption that Jennings is displaying by parading around in a trippy purple, gold and black shirt was nowhere to be found. Rose’s athleticism is dangerous and can drive his defenders delusional, but Jennings acted as if he wanted no parts in guarding last season’s NBA MVP. On the other hand, true stars like LeBron James, took the job on with pleasure and honor, shutting Derrick Rose down every step of the way.

Under Armour seems to be using Jennings, as an intern, to get under the skin of so called ‘basketball royalty’ which is quite alright. There is never anything wrong with a brand taking shots at another brand’s representatives.

UA could not get a more viable candidate to represent them in this war of subliminals? When you are going after huge superstars, you at least want to fight fire with fire. Brandon Jennings is a lit candle to Kobe’s uncontrollable brush flames.

By the time Bryant retires he will remain relevant. Jennings has struggled to remain relevant during an active season. He has time to get better. But, you must crawl before you walk. Mumble before you talk.

Pick on another David instead of challenging Goliath.

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