Breaking News: “Sandusky is a Big Overgrown Kid” Says Lawyer, Amendola

With Joe Paterno’s name erased from the Big Ten Trophy, Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer speaks with Anderson Cooper on CNN Today on ‘innocent until proven guilty’ issues governing complaint after complaint of pedophile behavior.

‘If you throw enough mud on the wall, some of it is going to stick” said lawyer Joe Amendola. According to the AC360 report, Sandusky’s lawer insists they have answers for each complaint dished out.
When asked why are these allegations being made if not true, Amendola replied, “money issues, Penn State being sued”.

In trying to make reason for the coach, Amendola accused Sandusky of being “a big overgrown kid.”
At his age, wouldn’t it be more fitting to use the term ‘overgrown gramps’?

Sandusky’s excuse as of now is “we were horsing around.” Which brings up the question, doesn’t Sandusky have a family life of his own outside the Penn State field? And if so, what kind of relationship does he have with his grandkids, male spieces, that is?

While accusations of sexual activity have been denied by Sandusky’s lawyer, one issue still remains unanswered: The eye witness account of a ten year old boy being sexually molested by Sandusky in a shower stall. That young man today is stepping forward with details of that incident and should be made public shortly.

According to experts, Sandusky’s behavior is a similar pattern of a pedophile: Showering with children, horsing around, those are red lights for criminal child sex abuse.

This investigation is not going away any time soon, but instead is expected to be the worst scandle in US sports history.


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